Stremio concern

I have been using Stremio for the last two or three months. My Internet provider sent me an email saying I tried to download something. Would this have anything to do with Stremio? And if I’m going to use streamio should I get a VPN to solve this? Thanks so much

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Yes, you should absolutely use a VPN with any 3rd party app like that. It uses torrents a lot and the owners of the movies/programs can see your IP and will contact your ISP. The ISP will send you a letter on their behalf (It’s law in Canada to forward it) however don’t reply to it. Usually they want you to admit and settle.

They don’t know whether you’re streaming or downloading in torrents, only that you are in the swarm and have been caught. VPN a must.


Curious who is your provider?

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Thanks, do you hand a VPN that you recommend?

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Nordvpn or ipvanish is my go too.


The one I choose is IPVanish. It’s served me well and endorsed here as well. I would look at the different options and choose the one that suits your needs the best regarding budget or possibly not wanting to be locked in for two years. I will say that IPVanish have a great support system in that if you have a question or concern, you can very quickly get someone online in chat. That is worth a lot to me considering the lack of support we tend to see around services we buy.

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I am looking at #1. Speed, #2. Security, #3. Price

Having a VPN throttle your speed down too much and many people will just not use them if it affects the quality of their streaming!

Having service that leaks and/or sells your info is not acceptable on any level. That defeats the entire reason to have a VPN!

If a VPN cost’s combined with the services you purchase to stream unverified content becomes exorbitant. Then many will opt out, especially for those in the US.

Bottom line, people want to safely stream their content without it being complicated and costly. Also, what has been previously stated, all of these VPN services do pretty much the same thing.

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They do the same things. Some better than others. I concur and we want all that. IPVanish has a great sale on now. You also have a 30 day money back guarantee if I recall, on most so you have nothing to lose. Read about them a bit and reviews about them regarding concerns of selling your personal data or keeping logs.

You can opt out of a VPN but you leave yourself wide open for a potential lawsuit for illegal activities. They have never won in Canada as our laws are different from yours. The ISP cannot give out the information about who we are. I am not sure that is true in all the US States.

Everything you want to know about them is in the articles in this forum. I would look at them, some reviews, then decide knowing you have a money back guarantee. I am sure you will choose wisely

** You can check the speeds of course but understand you don’t need a huge amount of bandwidth to stream things. Add to that, regardless of what your ISP provides you, you can’t get more than the server or peers will provide you. They are the bottleneck.

I haven’t been involved in creating and uploading torrents for many years, but at that time any app used to make a torrent had the option to “encrypt” the header, effectively making it impossible to know what was being “shared” unless they have the decryption key. Also you need to understand that with torrents It isn’t a matter of getting an entire file from one source, in fact you get “pieces” from many different sources, which was done to circumvent the “rules”. These factors combined make it difficult to know exactly what a torrent is, let alone knowing if it’s legal or not. I suspect it may have been a download that wasn’t a torrent. To be sure I never stream anything, even free and legal streams, without an active VPN.

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The companies actually get in the stream and log the IP’s of the peers., At that point they can easily know the ISP and contact them. This is why until I started using a VPN, I would always use mIRC. That could never happen there and is still fast and safe for an actual download.,

They would not see or know the difference between streaming or downloading it, only that you are part of the swarm. I never created one but have downloaded them and still do for years, especially when I hear of a good series and want to get 5 seasons on my system to stream using a media server.

I do understand the process and you can see who you’re downloading from and who you’re uploading to. That is one potential problem with IPVanish. It does NOT support port forwarding and others do.



What you two are referring too is the pool, that pool is heavily monitored by government protocols. Becuase torrents of major movies and shows are flagged by code, so a encrypted torrebt downloader and vpn protects you from that, nord and some others have socket 5 and torrent protection you can put into your torrent downloader, deluge is a really good example.

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I also used mIRC. But when encrypting a header how do they even know it’s an illegal stream? How do they go about differentiating between a legal “swarm” and an illegal one? If they’ve managed that then anyone “not” using a VPN when torrenting is definately asking for trouble. All I can say is “WOW”.

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I concur but the answer is easy. Download it and if it’s a (c) movie or even TV show, it’s confirmed. I have had many letters over the years, the reason I went back to mIRC. Now it’s just easier to use torrents.

Nord, SurfShark, and Express (not necessarily in that order) seem to be the ones that are always mentioned as the best in 2022.

Nord and SurfShark are now owned by the same company. Nord is mentioned as the #1 pick overall. Express and SurfShark flip flop on who’s faster. SurfShark is the lowest cost of the top 10 contenders.

IPVanish is rated good, but below the top 3 mentioned here out of about 24 highly respected tech review orgs.

I have used IPVanish before, so I am somewhat familiar with them. Yes, TP has sent out a great deal for a reduced cost and am considering them again. Although, SurfShark is rated faster, offers same, or similar features, and less expensive than Nord, Express, and IPVanish. Granted in the scope of things we are not talking a retirement fund busting difference overall. I don’t like the sneaky tactics of increasing the price after your initial 1st year. Companies doing this are hoping you forget about the auto renewal. So, when you look at a service such as IPVanish. You have to combine their 1st and 2nd year to get a more accurate appraisal of costs. Therefore, IPVanish would rank as one of the more expensive vpn services available. Express average cost for 2 years is $160, IPVanish is $135, Nord is $83, and SurfShark is $55.

All of these services offer pretty much the same features. With Nord taking the top spot in most reviews.

Yes, I looked at them all and being up and knowledgeable about your renewal date is important. In fact, I easily negotiated the same deal as was currently being offered. In fact, negotiated didn’t come into play. I asked, the answer was yes. Billed at a reduced rate and I will do it again this July.

If you can’t remember, well it’s on your profile and even on the app about your renewal date then yes. Caveat Emptor.

Personally, for any of these types of services who require an auto renewal. As soon as my transaction is complete, I go back into my profile account and either change the CC info or remove it.

Right now, I have been using the free version of Proton VPN and it has served my very limited needs. Now I am doing a lot more streaming movies and TV shows. I hardly ever download anything. Streaming has been more than sufficient for my needs, but I have been concerned when clicking on a movie stream the [Torrent] name is present and am not certain if it is safe or not. Admittedly, I do not know much about torrents.

Stremio is almost all torrents. You need a VPN as said over many times. I actually understand peer to peer very well and why it’s so easy to be caught since you’re 100% visible to everyone else… I think the topic questions have been answered and I will fall out of this thread.

Hey Miki, when I click on a movie choice in Syncler+ and the word Torrent is in the selection description. Am I then using a torrent?

In all the years doing this stuff I’ve never received even one letter, and never will.