Streaming Volume

I hope someone can help with this annoying problem.
I have a Nvidia shield and JBL soundbar and stream iptv. My tv is an older Samsung 55".I also use Tivimate
The problem I have is when I go from one channel to another the volume fluctuates so much I’m constantly adjusting the volume.
Some channels are so low you can hardly hear them and others blow you out of the room.
This to say the least very frustrating.
Any help would be so much appreciated

Don’t you have a volume normalizer option in the JBL settings? I did make sure that my Samsung TV volume was on Max when I did my setup. Under Display & Sound, Volume Control I have mine set to IR (Samsung SOUND BAR) Then from there I had the HDMI-CEC enable turned on and then just use my Shield remote. On the shield under advanced sound I enabled "Match Dolby/PCM audio levels. I also use Dolby audio processing, which is under Quick Setting at the very start of settings.

Thanks Miki
I have mine set up exactly the same way as you, except I cannot find any volume normalizer in the JBL settings anywhere. Which I find strange.
For example today if I watch CNN the sound seems somewhat normal and if I switch to Fox news the sound is very loud.
I’m at a loss here. I have been trying to fix this for some time now.

Ok. I’ll see what I can find. In the mean time have you tried things like switching the HDMI input? Be sure you are using ARC. Now I have my Shield plugged into the Soundbar and then out to the TV eARC. But another thing to try is to fire up the TV by itself and make sure, using the TV remote, that it’s volume is on max. One last thing I forgot to mention under Volume Control, when you click on it, I have mine set to IR Samsung SOUND BAR, but I also have HDMI fixed volume enabled.

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I found there are settings for your JBL soundbar using it’s remote. Specifically regarding volume settings for dialogue etc. so now I need the exact model and I’ll get you a link to research how to set it up and what buttons to push.

Heh @Smiley I need the Model of your soundbar.

Ok @Smiley . No answer to my inquiry so GL2U.

Sorry Miki I have been away.
My soundbar is a JBL 1000
I have it set in the arc port as well which is hdmi 2 on my tv.
I don’t have Earc,just arc.It’s an older tv.
Thank you so much for you time and help Miki

Do you have the JBL One app? Make sure to use the HDMI fixed volume setting as I noted above. The JBL one app gives you access on your phone to adjust settings for your needs.

Yes I have the JBL 1one app but I don’t know where the fixed volume setting is

Fixed volume is in the Shield settings
Settings>Device Preferences>Display & Sound>Volume control>HDMI fixed volume
Also check here:
Settings>Device Preferences>Display & Sound>Advanced sound settings>Audio Output>HDMI

Yes I found it and already had it turned on.

Well other than the JBL settings that should domit for the shield. So now you’ll have to do some searching on the 1000 setup and any issues.

Thanks once again Miki I really appreciate your help

Gotta be the JBL. All those sound settings are what I have for my Samsung 990 bar and works like a dream.

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Make sure you have ausio passthrough enabled in TiViMate.

Just checked ,it’s enabled as well

Well that definately points to the JBL now.

Hey Miki
I finally found the problem.
I went into my Tivimate settings and changed the audio decoder from hardware to software and my problem is solved.
I can’t believe it turned out to be that simple.
Thought you would like to know

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Nice going. That’s a first for sure. Usually it’s the other way around.

I have found that the volume level on my secondary LG tv is sometimes insufficient on some IPTV apps due to weak signal to noise audio signals on some sources, which further compromise an already weak tv speaker system. To fix this, I installed the Volume Booster app by Goodev off the google Playstore. This app allows you to boost the volume as needed so you can hear weak audio signals better. You might give it a try.