Starlink going to have to set up

anyone here have starlink?
when i get home from the mtns next week i have the kit waiting to set up
and advise suggestions?
tips etc?

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Let us know more about the system. It’s interesting. Thanks


was easy to setup right now its on a table in the yard i ordered parts to mount up on the edge of the roof but they are ten days out but it is a nice steady signal with great speeds
prior to this since we are in a rural area the best i could get from century link was 15mp this service blows that away

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Wher I live I can get up to 100 from my ISP but then I’m paying well over $100 a month. I bet your excited about the speeds. I know there is an initial investment but probably well worth it

That’s higher speeds than I thought you could get from Starlink…excellent! Young lad at my local pet store just got his…I’ll ask him what kind of speeds he’s getting for comparison. :+1:

500 for the kit 99 a month i was paying 45 for 15

in running lots of speed tests during set up 234 was avarage i got as high as 301 but untill i mount higher 220 240 is where i am at

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I am very impressed. Speeds like that in rural areas yowsa thats amazing. Now to see if things get slower as more and more get the service.

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i took a year to get the kit you pay 99.oo to be on the lsit then wait
i have a second one ordered june 21 they tell me late 22 for one of my other houses

Wow. So it is getting popular. Not surprised with those speeds.

How big is the dish?

2 meter antenna i plan to put it there

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this is mr bevel the dish

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wow, not big at all. I like it. How does it perform in bad weather, thunderstorms etc?

i ordered an adapter to fit to my 2 meter pole ( i have another 2 meter to use for the radio) that is on back order and expected in 10 days

the severice is to die for so far

raining noiw and it works a real storm we havent had yet the reddit guys say no problems

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Went to their website and they they say up to 150, so if your getting higer that’s great. Not in my area until late this year…

I just read some people actually use these indoors…so I downloaded the app and was getting about 50% in my office :joy: :+1:

Great post.
A very interesting topic, please keep us informed.
Do they say $99 is the intro price, will it go higher??

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What ive read is that is the only price and hardware is $500 but that price should come down in near future as tech evolves…etc