Sround sound setting for 19 Nvidia sheild

Can someone please show me the right settings in a 2019 Pro Nvidia Shield to get sround sound ? I will be using a digital optical cable for 5.1 sround sound .

I did a search and I think Powerfader’s post might have what you want. Scan down to see.

Where do you find Powerfader’s post ?

Click on the above post blue letters. That will open it.

In a similar vein, I am using the same model Shield. I had no issues for the first few weeks after I installed SW version 9. I am currently running 9.0.1(

Recently, the audio on HBOMax and Disney+ has become just static and crackling. The video on both these apps is fine. The audio and video on all of my other streaming apps (Netflix, Showtimeanytime, Amazon Prime) work great. The only issue is with HBOMax and Disney+ and only with the audio.

Any other Shield users experiencing this and/or have ideas for a solution?

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