Nvidia shield pro audio

for past 3 weeks I do not have audio at start up - I have to reboot. only happens at night and does not matter if I put in sleep mode or not. I did Nvidia update around that time. 4 mornings out 0f 15 I had audio at start up and I did nothing different, I have had hotfix 3. Daily messages on reoccurring issue to Nvidia techs and numerous chats, Still no audio at start up with out reboot. This does not seem to happen during the day , I can put in sleep mode for 5 hours without issue

Have you done the 2 hotfixes since 9.0.1 stable update? We are now at 9.0.2 + hotfix 1 & hotfix 2

yes I had 9.0.2 (

Display & Sound>Power Control>enable all
Display & Sound>Volume Control>disable CEC, IR, HDMI Fixed Volume
Display & Sound>System Sound enable
Display & Sound>Audio Output>Auto
Display & Sound>Advanced Sound Settings>USB Audio Mode>High Quality Stereo, or switch to other settings if this is unstable
Display & Sound>Advanced Sound Settings>Match Content Audio Resolution disable
Display & Sound>Advanced Sound Settings>Dolby Audio Processing disable
Display & Sound>Advanced Sound Settings>Available Formats>Auto
Display & Sound>>Advanced Sound Settings>Stereo Upmix enabled
Display & Sound>HDMI-CEC enabled

followed the above but now remote does not contol volume

Display & Sound>Volume Control>CEC enable

There is a known issue regarding CEC. Hotfix #2 was supposed to address this. Try rebooting your device.

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I had volume control thru my crappy tv speaker but no sound bar = after making last change I had no control of volume with nvidia remote

Make sure this is enabled. Other than that, if stiil not working put everything back the way you had it.

I’m sorry, but I am just too busy right now setting up a new laptop, because I spilled a cocktail on the last one and bricked it!

So you are 9on your own until I get my new laptop up and running.

Btw, these are the exact same settings I have on my Nvidia pro and the sound control works fine.

when you have time= any other ideas= my screen is set the same, it does not control sound bar or jump to proper source when i hit select/main large button

also getting a sound level bar on right side of screen I never had before= prior die show sansung sound bar

The volume bar is located on the right side on my shield.

I don’t understand what you mean? “Jump to proper source when i hit select/main large button”

I never did have sound indicator on right side of screen= the sound indicator would show on my sound bar and the samsung indicator on the left side of screen: reviewed a Lee Talks Tech video on you tube and I have my sound bar control back. Have not yet check if my main button changes source for shield when I push main button or losing my recording ability. no more updates for me until they have been proven for months

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Betcha it’s a CEC & IR configuration issue.

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