Sportz TV (JC Media) Not Working - What Happened

Originally published at: Sportz TV (JC Media) Not Working - What Happened?

There have been several reports of Sportz TV (JC Media) not working as the service appears to be offline. Sportz TV is a well-known IPTV service that has been used by many cord-cutters around the world for watching live television. For those unfamiliar with internet protocol television (IPTV) see our popular IPTV guide below for…

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I watched NFL tonight, but many channels seem to be down. In fact, the NBC station I watched seems to be the only NBC working. Some of the adults are also working!

Miss E P, [10.09.21 08:51]
Since when does a company shut down for a week and leave its customers stranded. My problems started around Sept 7th when I tried to sign into my account on a new Fire TV (kept getting an error message about my network connection. Today none of the US channels work but I get UK channels (go figure). I tried all the know web sites with no success. My invoice is due the 12th of this month.
I also can no longer get to the Telegram site so I did not get the above info.
This service is the most frustrating IPTV I have ever had.
Time to get another IPTV.


My Telegram has disappeared also. I thought I had deleted it in error.


Same with no service and telegram channel deleted. My billing date has come and gone, so re occurring billing has been stopped as well. See ya on the flip side JC Media. Meanwhile, I joined securestreamott and getting great results! Hardly any buffering on main channels and some buffering on adult depending on time of day. Nights and weekends when those channels are in high demand :joy: Give them a try in the meantime! :v:

New here to the forum! Hello everyone! I just recently said goodbye to SprortzTV. Too many ongoing issues. I am currently trying out another service. Who knows how long this IPTV thing will go but we’ll ride it till the wheels fall off!


I loved their iptv and app (the App) but it’s something new with them every week it seems. Whether with admins or service or billing or website down or etc etc. I could keep going on. I have switched my iptv and probably will not go back to sportz or jcdurex or whatever they call themselves LOL.


Had service Jc media have switched to secure streams which seems to be working well .

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Same here as others, long time customer during several name changes ie; SportzPrime, SportZTV SportZNutrition, everything shut down. My bill auto-renews on the 28th, hoping since the website is down I won’t be billed. Changed to SSTV about week ago and so far so good except for one day where the EPG wasn’t working properly, Minor hiccup.

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Been through Sportz TV, JC Media, Secret Service, now since it’s down(and maybe out) I’ve been using Xoomstv. Not super impressed but could be me using a fire stick. I definitely need to upgrade to something better. Anyways only been using Xoomstv for a few days I’ll report back after giving it some time.


My Jc media expired I wasn’t charged even though I had auto renew if that puts your mind to rest👍


Thank you, yes that helps ease the mind. Didn’t want to have to contact the credit card company. Thanks again, Appreciate the info.

Looking for a replacement for JC Media and seen a couple of positive comments about SSTV. If you’re able, let me know if you have any major issues with it. May try it out.

Can we download it through the downloader?

Can we get it through the downloader and if so what do we type in?

So far it’s been good. Only a couple of glitches like the EPG not loading one day and some channels have buffering issues lately. Minor problems that seems to plague just about any IPTV. Seem like a lot of JC media folks switched over to them. I’m happy so far.

Yes you can download the app through regular downloader by entering in the http. I googled SSTV to get their website, signed up for package, got on their telegram for support. They email you the link for the app to download from downloader.


How to connect to securemott

I joined them after the shutdown of JCMedia. Very minimal issues. A few buffering when the influx of new customers signed up but it didn’t last long. Overall, I’m pleased.


I agree with you 100% , I have been using these guys & all their different services for a few years. Their Secret Service was actually really good & you’re probably right about blabber mouths blogging about the services. I was on all their Telegram channels & they all just disappeared. I do hope they come back with another service because they always had good tech support & prices were decent for what they offered.