Sportsfire problems

Hello folks
Been using the Sportsfire apk for over a year now and it has been great, every sports channel and live games as well. One week ago an update was released and I clicked on it, now when I launch the Apk it just returns me to the firestick home page. Is there any way to reinstall an older version or is there maybe some kind of workaround
Thanks in advance

hi i have sportsfire on firestick when you update it normally goes to opening screen of stick then just click on it and it loads if it keeps doing it then delete it completely and reload from there site its all working fine

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also when you update it will go to your my apps section click on it an it will load and appear on home screen

ps it will be in your my apps section click on it an it will load and appear on home page

Thanks for the quick reply. I will definitely do this when I get home from work

Same thing happened when I updated.
I deleted and reloaded the app and it’s working fine since.

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Deleted and downloaded again, works perfectly, thanks again

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Have 4K Max getting 250MB speed connected to ethernet USB 2.0 adapter but still buffering on SportsFire, Firestick storage 2Gb Free, and deleted unnecessary apps off Firestick, emailed SportsFire and they said there must be something on my end because they’ve added new servers? HELP

hi are you using a vpn if so try changing your location also sprtsfire has updated its version 2.0.3 now

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not using VPN, deleted more items off Firestick and rebooted Firestick; SportsFire working better but buffers a little; any recommendations?

There has been some buffering recently not bad tho iusualy click down to schedule and pick another stream

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If you wish to revert to the earlier version of the app, I copied this link from Sportsgfire Telegram chat:-

It is being observed that some users are reporting startup crashes on version 2.0.0. We’re actively investigating the issue. Meanwhile, affected users can revert to the previous version at
until we resolve the bug.

hi the latest version is now 2.0.3 all working fine


Using the sportsfire apk, and having issues when exiting the app. I still hear sound from the app but I am on firestick home screen or even in a completely different app. I tried updating and reinstalling but still having the issue. Any suggestions of what I may be doing wrong?

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Happens a lot when channels cross over just go to settings an shut app down from there

I’ve had that happen as well, I thought it was me as I am pretty impatient and probably press the back button a couple extra time, but I am willing to blame the app.:wink:
I just drop to setting and do a force stop, that works.