Sportsfire on ONN 4k

I have been looking for a App like this for a long time, helps with my Hockey addiction.
The App works on the Android TV however I get a warning during install about excessive permissions which I ignore and install. Was able to use the App however next time I use the device there is a notification that it has been disabled for the same reason.
Defsquid on Fire stick has no complaints.
Currently I just reinstall although the notification will allow me to declare the app safe.
Just want to hear what you guys think about this. I do like the app a lot, much better than a browser based solution to my addiction.

I install sportsfire on ppls devices as it is simple and does not retire any advanced configurations. Feeds, I believe are in SD. But it works and is an excellent backup in case your main feed goes down.

make sure play protect is disabled. Even tho you install from another source play protect can still see it and cause issues.


Thanks for responding, I will look into that, I will admit I have a ton of experience with Fire stick and Linux OS in general but new to the Chromecast.

Well, I did as you suggested an it seemed to have worked, thanks for the solution, much appreciated!


Your welcome. And welcome to the forum, enjoy :+1:


Hey Tim, where did you find the “play protect” setting on your Android device?

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They try and get sneaky sometimes and hide it :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


so if i disable play protect to get something to download and install so it will work, if i then enable play protect will said app or whatever then have problems again?

I would say it’s hit and miss. I installed sportsfire on a shield and was not aware they had play protect on and a day later sportsfire went missing. I then disabled play protect and re-installed and now it remains and works and to be honest I think it was disabled and hidden but all done by play protect. Anyways all good now, just something to keep in mind when installing from unknown sources.

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Let me update things a bit… It installed perfectly other than the warning and I went through the functionality of the the app after the install. That was during the day so nothing I wanted to watch sports wise.
The next day I was going to watch a game at 8:00 pm. When I devices switched to Chromecast there was a Notification that the app had been disabled because of excessive permissions ( I don’t remember the exact wording but it boils down to that, same as the install warning).
I reinstalled and watched the game, three hours, Avalanche won in a overtime shoot out. I lived in Denver for a long time so…
I checked the app the next day, same thing. I saw the notification again that had a option to trust the app anyway. I did not use that option because I wanted to check it out a bit.
I have the same app installed on a Fire stick lite so I looked at it there, seemed perfectly fine.
I checked for a virus using Defsquid, none found, this was on the Fire stick.
Next night I watch another match by reloading the app on the Chromcast and uninstalled after.
That’s when I decided to post here.
I did a second virus check using Virus Total, 0 problems.

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thanx for the answers :+1:

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First, someone asked if I found the play protect settings on the ONN 4k, yes I did but didn’t help.
After a few days even with play protect off I got notifications about the app, but the notification will allow the app to be restored (it was removed from apps but not from the device).
I keep a copy of the app in downloader’s download dir just in case.
I see a mention of Chromecast as well, I have a Chromecast HD with Google TV, I think Android 12 might be the issue but SportsFire does not work on that device, just a black screen. At some point I saw a warning about being written for a earlier release. I thought about contacting the SportsFire folks but they state it was written for Fire TV so I didn’t contact them.
I might mention I am not a big fan of the Chromecast HD device for this and a couple other apps that didn’t work and the remote sucks. IMHO

As for the Ave’s, first place in the West, clenched playoff spot, I’ll be watching tonight!