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I saw this app mentioned on another platform and decided to check it out. What I found is that it is an okay alternative to Tivimate, but falls short of replacing Tivimate.

If recordings and Catch-up are your thing. Then this app is great! I found it very easy to set up recordings on their DVR and it was a snap to use the catchup feature. You can pause the program and FF/RW from that point until you get to the present. Also, I found you can record and watch the same program at the same time. The catchup I believe is just cached. Not certain about where the recordings are stored. They do go directly to my external storage and apparently, I can delete them within the app. The recordings DO NOT show up in my X-plore. So, I am not certain where these recordings are saved. However, it was super simple and effective to make a recording or do to pause and play thing.

I really liked the idea of recording and playing at the same time and being able to FF/RW from a paused point. Especially if watching sports.

The features are good but not as plentiful as Tivimate. I believe this app is only about a year old and shows pretty good promise. They do have a free, monthly, annually, and lifetime subs. I decided to do the lifetime costing $16 USD to be able to use all the premium features. You do get all premium feature with all subs except the free version.

The app does take a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to best use all the features. I couldn’t find very much on the net as far as tutorials go. I did find one and it’s listed below. If you’re more of the adventurous type like me. Then just do the trial-and-error method to figure stuff out. I did email the developer and asked if they have some form of an instructional vid somewhere.

Bottom line, if you are frustrated with recordings using Tivimate, or like to FF/RW after pausing. Then this app would be a good one to check out. Other than that Tivimate still reigns supreme.

Fyi, I did find out that the Play Store app needed to be enabled for the recording feature to function properly. Not a big fan of that, but it is not a deal breaker imho. Maybe the recording storage is dependent on the Play Store servers…dunno?

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Installed it on a chromecast,not as feature rich as tivimate,but a decent alternative.

I assume you set up a network share to get the dvr and timeshift features working?

And when you say the playstore app needs to be enabled not sure I follow what you mean there?


No, I did not set up a network share. All I did was set DVR Location and Timeshift buffer location to USB drive.

I found when if the Play Store is disabled, I cannot access to premium features. I can Force Stop and Clear Cache, but I must have it enabled to use the premium feature. Otherwise it kicks me out to a side panel asking me to purchase the premium.

I am going to email the dev and ask about this issue. I always disable Play Store when I am done using it. It’s probably not necessary, but I just don’t trust Google at all.

However, with the Play Store enabled everything works fine and I REALLY do like the DVR and the Pause/Play features. It’s far superior to Tivimate in that regard, but that is about the only thing it outshines Tivimate on, but that is a BIGGIE!

Attached is a list of all feature including those that will require the Play Store to be enabled in order to use them.


The designer will actually respond to questions and help requests. He has responded many times to me.

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I have emailed him but haven’t heard back yet. I also found a Redditt group the dev is apparently somewhat active on.

I really like the app, but he needs to add a bunch of customization features to truly compete with Tivimate. Although, his DVR and Pause & Play features are really, really good!


It is no Tivimate that is for sure, but I do prefer its UI to Smarters and many other players. If it works better for recording, might be a fix for those struggling with that aspect on Tivimate.


I’ve actually had moderate success with tivimate recordings via network smb share.But there is always the occasional one that doesn’t go well.I’m debating on whether to expand storage external storage and see how that goes,or simply duplicate my network share that I use for tivimate.

Curious how much external storage you guys have setup?That was always my biggest issue not having enough space to record a lengthy program to a usb drive.

256GB - Made with Clipchamp

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I may need to go back to Troy school here lol.I have a 256gb drive,used to use it with the firestick,want to say I also tried it on the tivo 4k.But I don’t think I was ever able to get the maximum use of all the space being fat format.

How’s the program guide compare?

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Pretty much the same. You can’t change the color but you can change the font size and options for the program info location.

The guide overlays on the entire screen and you can set the transparency to how you like it. I have mine set to high transparency with large print and the program description on top. You can edit the channel to your liking.

You can also add other epgs, but I haven’t done so yet.

As I stated before. I really do like this app. It has a lot of potential and the developer listens and is open to changes. However, at present it is not as good as Tivimate, but I truly believe it will be and may even surpass Tivimate. That is why I bought a lifetime sub for $16 bucks. I figure it is an investment getting in on the ground floor. I believe the future is bright for this player.


Smarters is so old and stale. I hated it even when it first came out


I totally agree with you, the recording and pause live tv is what I have been looking for and if it is updated, that would be a bonous.

I finally found the file in my X-plore where backups are stored. I will look for the location of where the recordings are stored later on.

The dev really needs an instructional website. He does seem to respond to emails rather quickly, but a lot of confusion could be avoided by having some sort of instructions.

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Yes, would be nice, as long as it records and pause live tv all good for me, I have it on shield pro with 1TB ssd extreme usb so I think all is good for me. Tivimate is outstanding the way it is set up, if only they could combine both would be great, Small price to pay for both apps best of both worlds.I have to test more on how it records series.


I agree whole heartedly. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Tivimate developer is all that ambitious anymore…got fat and happy? That is why I bought the Sparkle TV lifetime sub. That developer seems hungry and is actively communicating and enhancing his app.

Tbh, I have been using the Sparkle almost 100% of the time since downloaded it. It plays fine and the pause function is waaaay superior to Tivimate’s and the recording works without a hitch. I only have an external 256GB USB, but that is more than enough for me.


Any chance to get a screenshot of the EPG? Thanks.


Sent a screenshot to you in a PM.


Does the $16 pay for only one device or can you use on several?

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If you are using Android (Google Play Store) you can install on as many Android devices you want as long as they are all connected to your Google Account. Other than that, you can use 5 connections for other devices that prohibit the Google Play Store, such as Firestick stuff.