Smart tube down

Anyone else experiencing Smartube just going down? Just went down on both Fire cubes showing error code 403. Tried reinstalling still no go.


Same here. There was an update in Notifications but it didnt work to fix 403 error. Did you try that?

At least they know about it and are working on fixing. :crossed_fingers:

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I received the same 403 error message. It was working yesterday. Hope its back up soon. I use SmartTube daily.

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I did all the tricks none worked even did a complete reinstall. Could be YouTube has finally had success in shutting them down. Hope not!

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Smart tube beta is working here.

LOL I doubt it. I use Youtube daily on Chrome Browser with AdGuard and Adblock and don’t see any Ads

My Live recommendation section is still working. So have a feeling it has something to do with the coding for the ads on prerecorded content.

Just a guess as i have no idea how the coding is done. Lol

My live recommendations are working as well. Nothing else is working for me.

I just downloaded the beta and get the same 403 error.

Whatever is working for you dont change or update.

Nope, won’t change anything. Just hope its back up soon. NewPipe is’t working for me either. Maybe something going with the ad blocking apps.

It had an available update earlier today that I installed 22.37 and then watched a podcast with no problems. Now I opened again to check and I have that error too. :rage:
Just force stopped, cleared cache, now it’s working :person_shrugging:
Only live feeds are working. :confused:

Yeah thats the version that said it was going to fix the error. I guess back to the drawing board for them.

And a Happy Anniversary to @Mslea !!:confetti_ball::tada:

Same here, only live feeds are working right now. We’ll see what happens later.

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Happy cake day :tada::tada::tada::balloon::balloon:

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Thank you, I hadn’t even remembered that I joined TP insider community 2 years ago today. Wow, time has flown by.

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Oh no! The dreaded 403 error! I’ve got it too so it must be contagious. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Whatsa 403 error, anyway?

Happy Anniversary Mslea! :cocktail:

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Broke :rofl:


Generally a 403 is restricted or denial to access the site, usually on the server/website side. It could be an attempt at youtube blocking stube? Time will tell.


Actually I was being a smart a$$ with that question. Anyhow, Isn’t there another alternative app for YT beside YT, of course? If I wasn’t such a lazy a$$ I could do a search.