Skeleton Crew v1.2 Build

19.5 is stable, its a bug fixed version of stable 19.4… it works fine.

19.4 19.5 both stable.

FYI…I deleted Kodi and reinstalled 19.4 along the Skeleton build. Zero issues with playback or anything else. It also looks like Mad Titan is trying to fix their EPG as there is a lot more detail in the guide now.


Deleted Kodi 19.5 on my PC and then reinsta

  1. Uninstalled 19.5 and installed 19.4. Downloaded the Crew repository and am now getting an error when trying to install the wizard. Any ideas?

What does the error message say?

The Crew wizard error:
Check out the log for more information

The trouble is if I can’t open the wizard, I can’t get into the log.

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Is live tv functional at this point for the Skeleton build? I’ve been trying several channels but they all fault out to an error with Mad Titan.

Thank you.

Probably not if Mad Titan isn’t working. I only added IPTV to the build because of the demand but I don’t maintain it.

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Great build thank you, the only issue I have is resume playback doesn’t work but I assume its a crew issue

Correct. I’ve played around with it and can’t get it to work.

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Hey Rock, Chaulk, Jayhawk
Does your build work with Kodi 20 or 20.1?

Rock Chalk! Arkansas going down tomorrow!

Yeah, it works with both.

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Well Jayhawks,

Ya can’t spell Arkansas without “Kansas”. Hopefully your mourning period is going well.

BTW, I have driven across your state on I70 maybe a dozen times and have spent some nights in Topeka, Salina, WaKeeney, Colby and Junction City along with Aberdeen. The whole state from east to west has some of the nicest most helpful people that we’ve ever encountered in our travels.

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I can vouch it works on 20.1.

I installed it today on another Shield of mine as well as updated KODI from 19.3 to 20.1 with Skeleton Crew build on my Windows laptop.

Made an already quick build quicker!

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I’ve been using the Crew Skeleton Build since it came out with the Kodi 19.5 on my FireCube 1st generation serviced by a 500mbs internet, 55 download – 15 upload with IPVanish. Great build, clean and up until a month ago ran flawlessly. I have only three addons, The Crew, Artemis and 9Lives and are using the Estuary skin.
I’ve started getting a lot of slow playback errors and where I was once getting hundreds of Debrid links, I’m now seeing maybe 4 Debrid links and have to choose the lowest one or *I get slow playback and or video stutter.
I have tried everything to fix this. Daily cleaning, internet testing with daily Modem & Router reboots.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You

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What version of Kodi are you running?

19.5 on a FireCube 1st Generation.

I’m running it on 21 and it’s fine. Not sure if that impacts the scrapers. The repository might still say it’s built for 19 but it doesn’t matter.

I’ll give that a try. I’m only using three addons. Crew, Artemis and 9 lives have worked great. Just don’t understand why my Debrid links are so few.
Going to try the 21 see how that goes.
Thank you JayHAwk659, so appreciate it. I love this build.

Hey Jayhawk,

This is a great build. running it with the CREW presently. Are there steps to adding another repository in addition to the CREW? Could you outline them? Love the interface.


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