Should I or shouldn't I?

Ok just value your opinion. I have been usign a fire tv 2nd gen since 2015 and thinking buying the laterst 4k Max. But I am thinking… 4K Max … has 4K, so does the fire tv, 4k maz x has 2gb Ram so does, fire tv, fire tv has SD portn 4k max does not, fire tv has ether net port, 4k max has not, fire tv has USB port, 4k max does not. Sure you can by all of those peripeherals… but why?

Ok fire tv has OS5 not OS7, v6 wireless but I do not have an issue with connectivity and lagging… so a slightly faster chip may not impact my streaming experience

Open to being persuaded! So why should I switch??
thanks in advance

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Formuler Z8 is a nice upgrade, if you install a storage device you can set the box to record on a timer. Also you can create your own personal folders for channels such as sport,news etc. The remote feels a little woolly but all in all I’m really happy with mine

If you want a formuler z8, I have one I purchased new and dont use. I dont even think it has 2 weeks of use on it, and it is just sitting in my closet. I stayed with my nvidia shield. I also have the blue tooth remote with it, plus the one it came with. If you are interested, shoot me a pm.

Here comes the sales pitch…

Spend the extra and get the Nvidia Shield Pro. Or if you can’t justify the extra money (which you should, because you’re saving a ton by cutting cable) then get the regular 4K stick, not the max. The 0.1GHz bump in the CPU isn’t enough to justify the extra money. Neither is the wi-fi 6. It’s not a gaming device.

Fire Cube: S922X processor (benchmark speeds a little lower), 16GB memory, 2GB RAM, lots of bloatware and a UI that looks cluttered, boring looking cube, supports DD+ but does NOT support TrueHD audio passthrough, no upscaling from 1080p to 4K, plus Amazon has made statements about blocking unverified streaming sources through future updates.

Shield Pro: Tegra X1+ processor (benchmark speeds are better), 16GB memory, 3GB RAM, some suggested content but the layout is still much better than fire devices, cooler looking box, supports passthrough of all audio types including TrueHD, pretty impressive upscaling to 4K 30FPS from 1080 sources, no statements about blocking unverified apps so far. Plus I like the remote better. It’s comfortable and the buttons light up in the dark when you pick it up.



That sales pitch tho! Aha.

Agreed with all of it. I still bought some cheap box and have a forumler for the living room.

Can’t spend the extra cash yet. Maybe after Xmas or if I’m lucky black Friday.

Dump the sticks and get a Nvidia Pro!

Hmmmm the thing is… the firestick is nice and compact the Nvidia Pro is a big beast by comparison although it does sound v good

Well, you aren’t going to be dragging it around the house. Once you hook it up it ain’t movin’ much after that. lol

There is the Nvidia “Tube”, but I don’t really recommend that so much. I have one and it is good, but for the lousy $50 bucks more I would have been better off getting another Pro.

i guess been using my fire tv since 2015…so leaving it is a bit like leaving a wife… even though never had an argument with my fire tv… although getting divorced was painful… but was best thing I did! So perhaps there is a sign from the gods lol and getting one costs considerably less than getting divorced lol

One thing I live about the stick is the portability. I am able to take it anywhere in the city and show others what it’s capable of. I took it to my favourite bar, hooked it up, optimized the stream and watched the Superbowl. Free food and drinks all night, and of course the fun. Ppl can then actually see what is possible and buy it if they want.

Seems like everyone gave you answers that didn’t match your query. Sorry about that. There is nothing wrong with fire devices, there is absolutely no need to purchase a shield or any other expensive equipment if you’re happy with your current device. To answer your question, if the 2nd gen box is adequate for your stream then there isnt really a need to get the max. It does have some extra processing and wifi 6 but if that’s not necessary to you then id stick with the 2nd gen box. Just be aware the 2nd gen box will at some point soon start to go haywire. I have 3 of them. Incredible device’s, especially when they were released. But, all good things come to an end. Getting a solid backup device may be a good idea.

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Nothing wrong with them… Until they go haywire :joy:


I’ve had all 3 from around 2015. 1 took a crap a few months ago. 1 dosen’t play well with remote’s. The 3rd works perfectly. But, any device thats 5-8yrs old is going to go haywire at some point.

I also own a shield, km9, and firesticks.

thanks core… I do have one that I have hardly used too, was thinking of selling on ebay to offset cost of the Ndvida…but perhaps i need to keep that…Was wondering if it would go obsolete using os 5

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Try the km9,7, or 2 very reliable affordable devices.

I just think this constant Jeff Bezos upgrade to a ‘New and Improved’ FS every other year ends up costing more in the long run.

I have a 2015, 2017, 2019 Nvidia Pro. They are all working perfectly to this day. I have invested no more money into them than the original purchase price of the item. With the exception of the newest one where I added some external storage.

I had no need to buy ethernet adapters, OTG connecters, and extra storage for the most part. I did upgrade a couple of remotes when the new ones game out for about $30 bucks for 2 of them. Plus, I even got a game controller with the first two, and I have never even used them.

So in the long run I saved not only money, but also peace of mind.

Btw, I gave away the FS I did have to a friend, and they still seem to work for him. At least he never asked me to fix any of them.

thanks Powerfader i may just wait till Black Friday to get a deal… hopefully

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I would, and don’t get that Tube one. It’s ok, but not as good as the Pro. Besides, it’s only an extra $50 bucks than what the Tube is priced at.


and ican get the $50 for selling my firetv on ebay lol
its going to be a bit of a jump for me as the fire tv has been an excellent friend