Series recording on Tivimate

Wondering if anyone has tips/tricks to setup series recordings on Tivimate (premium)? Have Sportz, and Eternal and have lifetime for premium and can record at the time but cannot figure out how to record series and not sure if it is possible with IPTV.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hello @emcpheet that is one of the downfalls that I mentioned in my tutorial. They don’t support it.


As usual Troy you have covered 99.9% of the questions we have before we even ask them. Sorry for the redundant questions but thank you for not only helping me with this question but getting me streaming to begin with. You have saved my family a tremendous amount of $$$.

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Not sure if I am understanding your question about series recordings, but if you’re looking to record the same show all the time, you can do it manually by using Custom Recording and just input the dates, time and duration. It’s a little time consuming, but works.

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@emcpheet I am going to release a tutorial on this soon but if you have premium Emby (it is like Plex), you can input your M3U credentials in there and they do support series recordings. The problem is with the EPG guides of these services. If they are accurate and update properly, it works great but if not, it is no good.

Thanks Troy, I did sign up for Emby premium and am looking forward to your review. At the time of sign up, I believe I was looking for a solution (along with Plex) for viewing/recording local channels (prior to the IPTV guys getting on board with providing this service) using a complete Shield solution. I can’t say it enough, thanks for all you do. You are my go to guy for all things streaming and have enabled us to cut the cord. We just moved which gave me the opportunity to set everything up prior to taking possession and without you this wouldn’t have been possible.


richlibel65, thanks for the tip, this is exactly what I was looking for. Between your suggestions and those from Troy I think I may be able to figure this out. This is why I love this forum so much. Thanks again!!!


I’ve never really experienced errors on the EPG within Eternal TV or Unicorn. The problems I see is the “No Information” ,especially on Eternal with Regional Channels, but Unicorn Regionals do have the information populated. All this doesn’t matter in regards to recording via “Custom Recordings” you just need to know the channel, date and time and you’re good to go.

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emcpheet, I forgot to mention that when using the custom recording option make sure you are highlighted on the channel you want to record. You don’t have to actually be connected/watching the channel, just highlighted on the guide.

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@emcpheet, saw your note on using Eternal… I just signed up as well. I’m happy with the service, but I noticed that there are very few logos for the channels. Do you see that as well? TIA!

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Hello @dominickr8 I have a feeling that @emcpheet is using the popular Eternal TV that hasn’t been taking new subscribers for more than a year and their address is There is another Eternal out there trying to play off the popularity of and maybe that is the one that you signed up for.

Thanks Troy… I subscribed to Eternal IPTV which is different. Thank you!

dominickr8 Troy is correct however you may want to Google this issue as I did run across a supposed solution in Reddit. Now that my entire family is using IPTV/cut the cord I am doing a lot more troubleshooting that when it was just me “tinkering”.


I know Troy said he has provided a 2nd video on how to record in TiviMate, but I can’t find it. My problem wasn’t answered by @Jayhawks659 's video. I will try again to custom record Morning Joe on MSNBC. Yesterday I scrolled to where it would start and hit record. When I went to pay it this morning and clicked on where it listed that it was recorded but when I hit play I got this message “parcer exception”? I also clicked to record 60 minutes and it recorded, but only 45 minutes worth of some other CBS show? Is there tv guide somethings off maybe? I do have room on the USB drive, as I emptied it both times. I’ll see what happens tomorrow. This time I plugged in the date and times and customized it. In the meantime, if anyone understands that error message, it might be helpful to understand it.

One more thing. Someone said that recording with TiviMate means that TiviMate needs to be running in the background? What does that mean? Does that mean I have to keep TiviMate on and running or can i exit and watch Cinema and expect it will record? What if I exit the HDMI port to watch from the antenna? Can intermittent buffing sabotage recording?


Heres capt. practicals’ (me) take…

Yes u can use the repeat setting in custom recording for series’ (not conventional but can work )

If your channel buffers your recording is stopped
so thats why your recordings wont play

Ive found that recording catch-up channls (kinda oxymoronic) gives me perfect recordings becuz catch-up chnnls dont buff (these are non-scientific findings & not approved by the cdc)
… Z


Make sure apps from unknown sources are enabled in your device settings. In your Tivimate settings make sure your playlists and EPG are updated. Custom schedule your recording like I explained in my video. Make sure to double check it with TV guide or something online to make sure your EPG matches up with the start time. And as mentioned above, if you have buffering during your recording then it’s going to stop recording.


Thanks. It’s probably the buffering, because I’ve done everything else you recommended.


Can someone with a FireTv Stick 4K and who uses TiviMate successfully, please tell me how your remote is set up under settings so that you can fast forward and rewind? It worked for me once then stopped. All I changed was recording settings under custom recording. What is happening is that if I try to fast forward it, it skips from play/pause over to the restart icon.

Under Settings - Remote control - TV guide
There are multiple TV guide toggle buttons.
None of them however, really speak to fast forward or rewind? Different combinations of on/off, didn’t correct my problem.

Under Settings - Player - Fast forward (FF) - I have the Recordings button on.

Then tried settings, rather than recordings button

Under Settings - Playback - Skip step for RW/FF buttons
(5 sec)

I have set for 5 sec. But I have no idea what that means and it doesn’t help anyway.

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Use the time bar on the player screen instead of the buttons on the remote. You can change how far it goes back or forward by going into the payback settings and adjust the skip step for time bar.

Also you can use the buttons if you want to but you need to toggle the options on in the remote control section.

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When you say use the time bar on the player screen, am I correct that you don’t mean the line on top of the << play >> on the recorded video right.

You said I can use the buttons on the remote if toggle the options as you illustrated, but as you can see I copied your recommendation but the fast forward etc. still does not work on the remote.

This last picture is from the player screen where I think you mean I should find this time bar. But nothing is labeled as time bar? Nothing is labeled as playback settings or skip step?

So we must be talking past one another somehow, please advise (and thank you for your help).