Series: Mr Bates vs. The Post Office - great binge TV

True Story. This 9.0 IMDb rated 4 episode mini series is excellent. Billed as “the true story of one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in British history.” It’s a compelling story that made me stop watching everything else until this mystery was solved.


I actually read a lengthy article on the anger, frustrations, and financial damages the Post Office owners suffered, not to mention the blow to their reputation. I’m watching this for sure. Tx. :+1:

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cover up from the top down the little people sufferd and still are will take years to get there compensation

So sad. Ruined lives and families.

makes a total joke of british justice totaly ashamed

if it wasnt for this tv series it would still be dragging on this brought everthing out in the open now its panic to do the right thing that should have been done years ago

Agreed, and the company who caused all this nonsense with bad coding is finally stepping forward to provide financial compensation. But is this a cart before the horse solution? It simply should not have carried on with denial and condemnation by the Gov and the perps.

totaly agree corruption at its best

Thank you for this, my wife and I watched it last night and like you couldnt stop till we watched all shows. What a wonderfull show, hard to believe this happened, so many lifes ruined.


This show sure triggered a huge outcry in the UK. I think most residents didn’t realize the impact or the scope of how bad it was until they watched this series. The day after it aired that’s all you saw on Sky and BBC news.

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I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.

Great show. I am sure we missed out on a lot since its 3 hours spanning over 20 years. But well done nonetheless. I still have a few questions but i wont ask here in case of spoilers. I’ll see what i can find on my own.

Hard to believe it took a TV show for this to finally get the full recognition and closure (hopefully) it deserved many years ago. I cant imagine the resolve to keep this fight going for so long.

Is this a 4 part mini series?

Yes. About 3 hours in total w/o commercials.

GREAT GREAT GREAT Mini-Series. I appreciate so much the recommendation of this. I too binged it as others have here. I like a lot of stuff from “across the pond”, and this was surely a worthy watch. It boggles my mind how inept some companies and governments can be, and how non-caring of how many lives are wrecked and ruined. I came away from viewing this series feeling both disturbed for the folks affected, and also better informed of international happenings. I had never heard of, nor had any clue about this situation prior.
Here’s one some of you may want to try and “dig-up” (pun-intended):
“Detectorists” its kinda old now, but I remember it was a fun watch too.
If my memory serves me (a stretch for sure) there is at least one common actor in it. May be the lead guy. Enjoy!
Edit: I was Correct! The Actor is Toby Jones and is very good imho.

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Thank you so much for highlighting this series. I thoroughly enjoyed it but it was so upsetting to feel what those poor folk had to go through.

Perfectly stated!


mackenzie crook was co star in detectorists

Here is a news article that just popped up about this case. Of course if you watched the series then you already know what it’s all about.

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there is anothere tv series out now called breathtaking about corona virus and the way it was badly handled in the uk

I will, for sure, add this to my “must watch” list. Thank you for the tip pirate!