SEREN Addon causes Force Stop?

So sorry to all for bringing this up again, however I seem to be the only one experiencing this issue. After watching a stream on either Seren, to the Crew, is I leave / close / exit KODI, before I restart Kodi I have to got into settings/applications/manage installed applications/KODI/force stop.
This happens every time, I use AFTVcubes, both gen 2, RD and VPN Monitor Dot, currently running KODI 20.1. This was never a problem with KODI18, and back. Does anyone have a solution to fix this issue, or did I miss a post? Thanks to all who respond. Since I first posted I have removed Seren, and The Crew. I loaded The Crew with RD and Trakt. Watched a program, exited Kodi, opened Kodi again, no issue. Removed the crew again, and loaded SEREN, and RD. then I streamed a video, exited Kodi, re-opened Kodi to a black screen, had to force stop to reopen KODI, this tells me the issue is within the SEREN Addon. Can anyone tell me how to fix this within the SEREN Addon, as it is my favourite Addon?




I have Kodi with Seren, the Crew and Fen. I have the same issue and it happens sporadically. I use Fen most of the time and still have this issue even after reinstalling Kodi from scratch. It is very annoying and I hope someone finds a fix. It’s good to know that it is not an isolated problem.

It would be good to hear from others that do not use Seren to determine if they are having similar issues.


I just reinstalled kodi 19.5 with seren and do not have that problem. You could try Troy’s 19.5 fork to see if the problem is replicated.

I have done the same, I am now running TPFork19.5, and all issues have been resolved. Troy, and DEVs, could somebody look into this issue and advise on what the diff is between these releases, and advise what to change in latest KODI 20.1 to avoid this issue? Thanks to all…



Because Kodi has become a hobby, I have different Kodi’s on my Buzzx5 and lately I’ve been using official Kodi 20.1 and I haven’t had any closing problems but last night I decided to watch a movie on Troypoint fork 20.1 using Seren and sure enough about a half hour into the movie Kodi just spontaneously closed. So I watched the rest of the movie using Kodi 20.1 official on Seren and there was no issue. :man_shrugging:

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Do you have any problems opening KODI, if you do not do a force stop, and what version KODI, and it only happens to me if I am using SEREN.



Gonna try watching a full movie tonight using Seren on official Kodi 20.1 and see what happens. Just out of habit I force stop any app when I exit it so not sure about problems on opening Kodi without force stopping first but I will check that tonight too.

PS - this is with Real-debrid and Orion.

Update to my above post -

Watched 2 hour and 50 min. movie using Seren on official Kodi 20.1 last night and did not get the closing problem.

I’m having same issue with Seren. But another fluke is I also use fen , and a program I’m watching on Seren , I can’t get streams with fen. I have fen on fork 20, and Seren and crew on 19.5

Still using TP fork 19.5 , Seren / Surfshark / RD / Trakt / AFTVCube second gen. Since changing to TP Fork 19.5, no issues. I DO NOT have to force stop (yet) when launching the client.


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I just downloaded 20.1, then reinstalled Seren fresh. I’ll know something shortly

Sorry all, bad news, TP fork 19.5 , Seren / Surfshark / RD / Trakt / AFTVCube and BuzzTV X5 second gen. the KODI client is now booting to a black screen, and I have to force stop to get Kodi to boot.

So I am clear the Addon Seren works fine, the problem is the KODI boot to black screen.

Troy, can you ring in on this how do we get around having to
FORCE STOP before booting to get Kodi to work, every time with Seren installed?

feel free to pm me if you need more info?



Ok here’s what Seren is doing here. When the episode is almost over it asks me if I want to play next episode. If I say no close , then when I try to manual load goes to Amazon home screen

99.9% of the time I use Ezra or Dynasty on all different Kodi versions and Troypoint Forks and I’ve never had the closing problem on anything but Seren.

As I thought, it has to be some coding in Seren.

hopefully Troy and his very smart people can help us figure this out?

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sorry T83, that is not a issue with my Seren

I gotta say it’s bouncing all over. I never know what it’s gonna do

Turning smart play off solved all my malfunctions

I clear my cache on all apps and restart the firestick weekly with no issues at all. Hopefully this will help you.