Router Recommendations

What router do you recommend?

You will get several opinions here as everyone has their fav. For me its Asus with merlin firmware.


A router recommendation is going to be based on your specific needs. Do you need a mesh system, wifi6, etc? Could you be a little more specific about your house setup and what your budget is for this?

I am with @txron with the Asus I have rt ax86u and love it also with the Merlin upgrade you won’t be sorry :v::sunglasses:

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At present, I am using the modem/router that comes FREE from Spectrum. I have a router of my own, but this is free, with support, and seems to be working great!

Fyi, this one is pretty good. ASUS - Dual Band WiFi 6 Gaming Router, 802.11ax


Asus Router all hands for me

Yeah nice router from Spectrum,

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Thank’s everyone for the info.

I have Centurylink it came with the house. I’m getting a lot of buffering on some not all of the channels. Just wondering if a better router would fix the problem?

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Hey @psanders28 What kind of plan do you have with CenturyLink & what equipment are you currently using?

40mgb Calix 802.11ac

Model C844G Centurylink

It could, but not if the issue is your service/provider or modem. If all those check out, upgrading the router may help for sure. How large is your house, how many levels? Most single unit routers, some mentioned above, will work just great. For larger houses with more potential “blind spots”, may be worth considering a mesh system. I would recommend getting one with wifi6 capabilities, as that should expand your network with faster speeds if you connect it to a wifi6 capable device.

If you can bump up to the 80 mb service with there wi fi 6 router. I made them give it to me for free. Just complain. That should fix you right up. And it should be the same price as well. Got to negotiate!

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Yes, agree, the service needs to be upgraded. Even 80-100 Mbps would be more than sufficient, allow you to use a VPN if you choose and stream quality video. The new router surely wouldn’t hurt after that, but focus on the speed first.

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I live in a 1900 sq ft house with the router maybe 20ft from the TV i’m having the problem with. I’ve upgraded to 1G in the past and that didn’t fix the problem. I just did a speed test and got 53mbs download and 5.3mbs upload. I think i’ll take your recommendations and buy the Asus router.
Thank’s to everyone for helping me out.

see if you can get your isp to up the upload speed to about 10 or better…

I’m still not sure what his service agreement is for…thought he said 40Mbps…but now he’s getting 53Mbps…confused

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Yes i have the TV connected with an ethernet cable from the router. I just talked to a Centurylink representative and he suggested i upgrade to their 500mbs for $70/mo. I told him no thank’s. I don’t know what wifi6 is ?

I’ve never seen the upload speed that fast. Is there something i can do on my end?

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