Router Question for VPN on Xbox

Troy, really like and appreciate the clarity you present in each of your vids. I’m learning a good deal even though I’m not tech savvy and each lesson learned is treasured.I’ve hooked up Ring wireless cameras around the house and have other wireless devices where I admin thru my Linksys Velop mesh router. I’m thinking of doubling up with another router with IPVanish(active account). The router I’m thinking of is your recommendation:ASUS3100. All of the devices are secured with IPVanish except XBOX ONE.How would the hookup be configured? Would the devices also be administered through a dashboard on the Asus router whenever I decide to switch over using VPN on the ASUS router? Your response will truly appreciated. Thanx in advance.

Hello @Ray66 I moved this to the Devices / Hardware category as it wasn’t filed in proper category. Thanks for becoming an Insider subscriber! I have a few routers that I use. I have a lot of traffic on my network with 3 busy kids who stream and play games so my main router connected to my cable modem is the ASUS GT-AX11000 - But the 3100 is great as well. You can run a VPN on the router and use selective routing with custom Merlin firmware. This will allow you to tell the router to run Xbox through VPN. You can also have devices on the network not run through a VPN if you want full speed. I will be doing a tutorial soon on this. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks.

Hey Troy
Hope all is good and thanks for the response. What if I decide to just keep the connection directly with the Linksys Velop Mesh router and try to link it with the IPVanish VPN. Is it possible or do I really need to hookup a secondary router carrying VPN? Or maybe I can just use the ASUS 3100(cheaper than the ASUS GT-AX11000) to replace the Linksys Velop Router. I don’t know. I’m like it’s like getting rid of an old pair of busted up jeans or rotted sneakers! Please help me make a wise decision old Jedi Master!
Thanx in advance

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