Road House 2024

I watched it last night and did enjoy. Did not have the same appeal as the original, but a good couple of hours. What did you think?

it killed 2 hrs but the orginal was done better


Compaired to the original, the remake was severely lacking flavor. Maybe I set expectations too high, but I was disappointed. The acting was amateurish and it just seemed like I was watching a bland B movie.

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Had to be good to match the original but it’s watchable

I thought it was terrible. A complete waste of time.

Thought it was ok but know comparison to the oringal

I just read a review of the movie an the critic paned it big time .

patrick swayze nailed it in the original…i like jake but he’s no PS

if you’ve never seen “next of kin” with mr patrick…he freakin nailed it…i was so sad when he passed…great actor!

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Yeah I like the original Roadhouse movie with Patrick swayze good movie. The river portion of the film is near where I live in Central valley California.

Yes I agree i enjoyed it but the original was way better one of the main things that was missing was the music.

I thought the best thing from the original was Sam Elliott.



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anyone watched the boys series its def different

I tried and after the 3rd epi it just wasn’t something I enjoyed. Trying “Black Sails” now. Pretty slim pickings still imho.

I liked the first season. It started to get away from me beyond that. I felt the writing wasn’t very focused S2.

well since we’re streaming off topic? i highly recommend " Special Ops: Lioness
me and my lady where glued to the couch and binge watched the whole series!
it’s awesome and can’t wait for the follow up
hard to find a series that you and your other half both like?
that’s one for sure

We’ve been watching a lot of k-drama/action/horror stuff lately. I never paid much attention to the Korean shows up until many of the streaming outlets kept marketing how popular they are.

Pretty good stuff - great writing, very good acting, engaging story telling style.

On the domestic side, been finishing up Reacher, Masters of Air, House of Dragon…

Me and my Wife, Dick Wolf series all 30 of them!

Agree 100%

I watched it today. It was ok but some of the dialogue was bad. lol.

The movie was entertaining, however the original with Patrick swayze was a lot better. I didn’t recognize McGregor until he’s walking out of the hospital last scene. LOL