Ring doorbell massive subscription increase

just recieived notification 42percent increase in subscription unbelievable

That sucks.

I don’t have Ring, is subscription mandatory or just for added features which most likely you have become accustomed to after all this time?

Once they tie you into the subscription they got you. Not like you can just pay someone else. It’s their product and their subscription.

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I subscribe to the street sweeper doorbell security. lol

Yeah they get you hooked on there electronics then jack up the prices. They’re hoping you just won’t switch to a different company. Their competitors are probably raising their prices too like a monopoly. The ring doesn’t do much good anymore because everybody’s wearing a hoodie. It might help identifying a vehicle that’s about it. Unless you retired and you stay at home and your phone advise you of a intruder I don’t see much use for it.

Without subscription no vid playback

Gotcha. Otherwise its just a camera for your front door that dont record.

Someone somewhere has to have figured out a work around…you hope.

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I got this one about 8 months ago, not one problem. No sub to pay. Just throw in a micro SD card and you’re good to go.

KAMEP Doorbell Camera Wireless with Chime,2.4G WiFi Video Doorbell with Voice Changer,Voice Message,2-Way Audio,Night Vision,PIR Motion Detection,IP66 Waterproof,Works with Alexa & Google Assistant https://a.co/d/i2Butsh

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Thats the way to do it. Don’t live in a system, step out of the chains :joy:

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just looked at that seems perfect goodbye ring :+1:

Funny not that i was going to buy it but it said it won’t ship to me in US(NY). Canada or Europe only?

When I go to Amazon.com instead of .ca it says it will ship to me in Canada :joy:
KAMEP Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime HD 2K Waterproof Home Security Doorbell Camera Battery Powered/12-14V AC Powered with 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection,IR,Wide Angle,Cloud Storage. Amazon.com

Blink is the same way. Great unit. Playback on your phone or flashdrive. No cost.


In Oakland California the crook walked into electronics store stole all the phones busted up the place and on the way out in the video you can see in Oakland PD car parked right in front. What a joke.

I use a Eufy doorbell and have never paid sub costs. Works great.

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Ring Doorbells were a big Christmas gift, apparently, and the first 30 days of warranty is included. After 30 days customers stop getting the saved videos so they’ve started subscribing.

first year was ÂŁ24 then to 35 now 49.99

Will this camera record to a PC?

Not sure, I don’t have a PC. It records on a inserted SD card in the doorbell and I can access it from a phone or tablet.