Ring doorbell massive subscription increase

mine was deliverd yesterday works well thx for tip

you can get the app to load on a pc if you use the bluestacks app

I’m not surprised. Bezos got everyone locked into to his ecosystem . Rates will go up, ppl will complain and in the end they will tolerate all of the increases . I myself would never participate in Bezos’ Sidewalk spy setup.

anyone interested in second hand ring doorbell :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Are you familiar with Amazon’s Sidewalk Spy System? Where every ring doorbell and echo device connects to every other ring and echo device within a one mile radius? Wifi/Internet is not even needed for them to automatically connect with each other taking images and sound from the doorbell and audio from the echos mics and sending it back to Amazon’s undisclosed location .

the way its going it will get worse but if people let it then reap the whirlwind

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Like a vampire…once he’s invited inside your home you’re done. :japanese_ogre:

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stocking up with garlic as we speak :rofl:

Have to pay for BEzos new $1M yacht and yacht chaser. If you subscribe to Prime and watch vids now you will get ADs unless you pay for ad free video.

Mine Is going up from $39.99 to $49.99, that’s not 42 percent.

I use Blink. Bought a gadget on Amazon for $20. Plug my sync module into it and it has a usb storage device. Works great.

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Something needs to be done to these companies. You purchase their product, you should be able to do your own recording. The unit uses your wifi so you should be able to save your own videos instead of have them rob you.

This is what I use.