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Hi guys is there anyone that can help me .I have a mecool km2 android box and trying to find out the easiest way to record off my streaming app programs …


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Firstly I if you want to record I’d get tivimate.

I personally don’t recommend recording as you need storage and have to set it up.

But here take a look

Tivimate recordings

Reasons to get tivimate plus guide.

Also got to understand you need lots of storage space.

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Good day. The KM2 has slots for memory expansion. I used a 128GB SD card, and also played with a 256GB memory stick. I suspect that’s what they might be doing. No idea why ppl want to record but they seem to and the KM2 is easy to expand storage on.


Thanks for clarification. I was merely suggesting ways to do it.

But that is also a good point. Slots for memory expansion is awesome… inwish they stop taking them away in phones.

Soo frustrating.

All good my friend. One day I’m going to get dozenz xii and then lean on you for setting up the tivimate. They sound like a winning combo. Have a wonderful day.

I have a mecool km2 and I use Tivimate to record. Plug your thumb drive into the Km2. The unit will prompt you to setup this drive as a new storage device. Follow the on-screen directions and note the path to this new storage device. Then go to Tivimate’s recording settings and change the default recording folder to the path of your newly installed thumb drive and you are in business! The entire process takes less than 5 mins.
If you are going to do any serious recording, a 256GB thumb drive will fill up pretty fast. Get a small 2 or 4 TB personal Mycloud network hard drive and just connect directly to your router’s ethernet port. Your router will assign an IP address to the Mycloud drive. Then change the recording path in Tivimate from the thumb drive folder to the IP address of the Mycloud drive and you are good to go with your own private DVR. The beauty of using a network drive is you can setup recording with any Android device. Firestick, Km2, NS, etc. I’ve had this setup for over 2 years with no problems. I use mine mostly to record live sports.

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