Tivimate Series Recording

Firstly, I don’t recommend this. If you’re recording a show to watch it later then do yourself a favor and use an app or Kodi addon with real-debrid. It doesn’t take very long for new episodes to be uploaded and you’ll likely get them without commercials.

That being said, it is possible to schedule weekly recordings now with Tivimate version 4.0.0

  1. Go to the guide and find the channel you want to record (you DON’T have to look for the show as long as you know the day and time each week that it airs).
  2. Long press the select/okay button to bring up a menu on the right side of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and select “Custom recording” then “New recording”.
  4. Set your start date, start time, duration.
  5. Click on repeat and select the day of the week that it airs.
  6. Finally, set a name for the recording.

*It may be best practice to set your duration an extra 5-10 minutes. With IPTV sometimes there is a delay on the channels. If your show is scheduled to start at 7pm on regular TV then it may not start on IPTV until 7:05pm because of the delay. Which means if it’s an hour long show it won’t actually end until 8:05pm. You’ll be pretty mad if you set it to end at 8:00pm and miss the last 5 minutes of the program.


Thanks for the helpful guide.

I don’t know why people want to record when they can just vod it easily. To each their own I guess

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Right? The only things I record are sports and other live events.

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Nice job Jay… thanks & I agree with u & Drac

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I understand there is no need to record a movie or tv show, but there is a necessity to schedule recordings of live tv. Can I schedule and record live tv from kodi>crew>iptv>ustvgo? And if possible, what would be the best device to do this with, android tv?, android tv box?, or ms 10 laptop?. Thanks for the help.

There probably is, but I have never used IPTV in Kodi. This post is just about Tivimate. Search the forum and see if anyone else has posted about that specific question. If not, you can create a new post and ask the question to everyone.

I was hoping that tivimate recording might be the answer to my question. So I take it that tivimate recording is not relevant to recording iptv via kodi

You can record live events using Kodi, but you will need a couple of pieces of equipment, namely an OTA antenna and a Gateway router connected to do it.
As for TiviMate, not altogether sure.

Thanks, guess I’m on the wrong thread for this topic. I will re-post on the kodi section. At least I know that tivimate is not what I need.

When it comes to IPTV, Tivimate is far superior to Kodi. So I’m curious why you are dead set on recording in Kodi?

Ohhhhhh, I see now. I’m not familiar with USTVGO. Didn’t realize that they change the links every 4 hours so you can’t just use a typical m3u to add it to Tivimate. However, it looks like if you are really crafty and have a computer running 24/7 you can run a program to automatically pull the links every 3 hours and update your playlist. Definitely more effort than it’s worth and above my head. But here is the link to that.

Seems to me though that if it works in the crew add-on then the developer figured out a way to do that. I doubt that USTVGO has partnered with a Kodi add-on developer to be an “official source”. So I wonder how they did it.

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