Record IPTV on Onn Android TV Box

, do you or anyone on this site know how to record IPTV using tivimate on a onn streaming box? I’m using a USB and a OTG cable. I can do it on a firestick but haven’t found a way to do it using the onn box. Thanks!

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I set up my drive on onn as adoptable storage using the video below. After doing so you can pick usb storage in tivimate. Formatted the drive as ntfs instead of fat 32, that way you can download larger files than 4 gig.

I tried that, but when I tried to change it to USB External Storage it would say something like unable to change to that folder. Not sure what’s going on. I can migrate all apps to the external storage but can’t record from tivimate to it. Any other suggestions? Thanks.


Go to this website and scroll down to the video in the section

Supercharge onn. Android TV Box Video

It’s quite complicated but well worth it in the end.

Hi Troy, I was able to get that to work but I still can’t get tivimate to record to the USB drive. I can move apps to it and every app I install goes to it but I still can’t get tivimate to record to it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I’ve recorded after integrating a 16 GB USB drive following the TP’s video.
I have been able to record a few football games successfully…I believe when you’re adding the storage, it’s ‘adopting’ the USB’s capacity as part of the ONN’s storage, so there is no distinction as far as recording files or installing apps, though the location of the apps is on one side of the integrated storage or the other.

So try recording a program & use ES File Explorer to see where the recording is located. You might not have to go through the step of pointing where the recording goes.

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Hi, I tried all that you suggested but tivimate doesn’t even recognize the USB. I did all the adoptable steps that Troy provided in his video and I can move apps to it but just can’t record to it using tivimate. Even ex plore doesn’t see it. Any other suggestions. I can get a firestick to record to the USB but not the onn streaming box. Thanks.

did you format the usb as fat32?

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Ahhh you can’t have a USB Drive attached to a Max, and use it for both external (for recordings) and internal (for apps). so if this USB drive is already “internal” for apps then you will have to move any apps you want to keep back onto the Max and go into my fire tv, USB Drive, and Format to External Storage, so that you can save recordings to it. Now that being said I don’t record and can’t honestly comment about the Onn as it’s AndroidTV and I only use Firesticks which are FireTV. I do know that @PiratePete configures the Onn all the time so perhaps he has more insight into your problem and can help. No harm in asking.

Yes, I did format to FAT 32. Still can’t record using tivimate.

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Maybe format to ntfs.

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I will break out my onn box tomorrow and see if I can record with it.


That would be great, please let me know what you find out. Thanks!

In that video I posted above, follow that and make sure it’s changing from 8,0 to 8,2 and follow the rest of the video. I had one that gave me fits thats because I was putting in a ( . ) period Instead of a comma (, ). It was too early in the morning

Weird…I watched part of a football that had recorded on the ONN this morning with no issues with the recording or the playback.

Ive still got to find my cable to test it, but if I was to guess the otg setup hasnt been done in dev options.

I was able to record from tivimate to a flash drive on the onn box using an otg cable. No issues. I would like to add tivimate is picky with the stream , any slight interuption will kill the copy. Since the onn is wifi only it will require a good signal. I believe Troy did a vid with the onn box cant remember if he set it up to record but setup is basic with most boxes. Also make sure settings are correct regarding otg.

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Can you please tell me how you set it up to record from tivimate. I’m using a OTG cable too. I think Troy’s set up was for just transferring apps to external USB drive on the onn box. Thanks!

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I don’t record TV shows and movies, because I think it is illegal.

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Watch this video and do exactly as it says. Once complete you should be able to record with tivimate to a folder you select.

How To ADD STORAGE to your Onn. UHD Streaming Device from Walmart - YouTube