Recommendations for best Wifi Mesh router system for full home use

I’m ready to cut the cord with Comcast Cable and just use (maybe) YouTube TV, and Kodi/Xanax, SportzTV, with APK’s like CatMouse, Cinema and Unlock My TV.

I am using nVidia Shield on 2 TV’s, and Firesticks on others. I use IPVanish and Real-Debrid. I still am having buffering issues on occasion and need to look for the best setup.

Once I cancel cable & phone from Comcast, I’ll still need to use their Internet service. I wish there was a better option but don’t think so. If anyone has any other suggestions I’m all ears!

Once I get the best internet service, then I’m looking for the best wifi router system that will provide the best coverage throughout the house - basement, main and second floor.

Le me hear your thoughts! Thanks in advance for your help and ideas.

I’d suggest a 3 band router powerful enough to cover your square footage with 2 5G bands capable of up to 1 GBs speed placed in a central location at about 4 feet height above the floor on the same level as your primary streaming device. The extra bands will allow other users of your wifi in your house not to interfere with the band you use for tv streaming. You should get around 200 mbs internet service speeds if you can from your provider as VPN usage will cut down your speed by roughly half. As long as you can get 50 - 75 mbs download / 15 - 20 mbs upload speeds when using your VPN streaming in hd quality should not be a problem. Don’t scrimp on your wifi router otherwise you may have problems with both signal strength and internet speeds. Your streaming device hardware, android software and iptv service will also have a bearing on performance so streaming performance will be governed by the weakest link. Hope this helps.


Great advice sim_bill. Thanks! Any advice on specific brand of router you like?

Thanks for posing that scenario. Like you, I really look forward to see if anyone has suggestions on wireless alternative internet sources.

Netgear Nighthawk series X6 3200 has good range, is 3 band, (2 5G and 1 2.4G) I have a 2 story home and the range is excellent. The Nighthawk 1750 is also a less expensive good choice but a bit less powerful.

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I’d suggest you consolidate your services, save some coin and ditch the Utube TV unless you have to have tv vod catchup feature with your service. I use Infinity Streams (getinfinitystreams) and Fenix Streams ( as my primary and back up services. Both have tons of live channels, vod movies & tv series, with strong streams and excellent customer service. They cost between $15 - $20 per month but believe me, they are worth it. For freebies I use the Xenon build on Kodi and UnlockMyTV.

You might check out Can purchase a vpn router that will put the whole house on vpn service.

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The #1 problem with a whole house vpn on your WiFi router is some financial and other websites will not allow access while using a vpn.

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@sim_bill good point. It’s especially important when the little Mrs. googles the local supermarket and it thinks she’s three states over. Fortunately I added the flashrouter to the standard router. That way we can pick whichever router we need. The FireTV’s are always on the flashrouter. Whatever works best.

I use the eero mesh router and I haven’t had any issues with any of my firesticks in the home.


Does fenix streams have local USA channels?

Fenix Streams has lots of USA locals, all the sports you can think of. The vod libraries are incredible. I tried it and am now hooked. It’s that good.

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I recently signed up with Fenix streams and impressed with the amount of entertainment I have access to. Service is steady, no glitches thus far.

Question for Sim-Bill, I currently have Comcast/Infinity and Verizon for cell phone. My cell phone will not work at my residence 100% if I purchase the Net-gear Router you suggested will this help my cell phone? I have absolutely no idea when it comes to this stuff, sorry for the dumb ass question. *** Thank You all for your sage advice.

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Ok thanks I will give it a try

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Got me on that one, as I only use internet service for computers, tablets and streaming devices.

Your cell phone connectivity depends on cell tower coverage in your area. Generally, Verizon is among the best for coverage on a national level. However, I only use them for my home satellite unlimited long distance wireless service, which is a good deal at $20 per month.

Thanks Sim_Bill, I really appreciate your response.

Comment about cell towers…I’ve had cell tower issues when traveling to a neighboring state to visit family. I’d completely lose service upon entering a dead zone, no ability to make or receive calls. I called customer service who advised me to call when approaching the problem area. They reconfigure my cell tower connection to temporarily use some local tower. Problem resolved. On my way home, I call them back to restore my original configuration. I don’t know the specifics of how this works, just glad it could be done.


Wherever you get some GOOD information that works please share it