Recent Addon Issues

I’m going to hop onto the ban-wagon along with some other users that have reported similar issues, but I’ll abide by the rules.

For a long time since I’ve used two very prominent and highly rated Kodi addons, I’ve never experienced any issues at all until late March or very early April. Let me just say that television show episodes in general haven’t refreshed since that timeframe. I will also add that I’ve never been a RealDebrid user either and yet still never had any issues until recently. I will also state that I’m an avid VPN user and use a service that I know doesn’t block.

I know that the forum admins here along with a majority of users are ‘believers’ in that RealDebrid is the resolution to the issue some of us are experiencing. However, I would like to ask why addons have worked for so long until very recently?

Before someone says ‘research it’… I have and I’m trying to find a real answer as to whats going on.


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Same answer.