Rearranged/deleted APKs

On Google TV chromecast: some of my sideloaded Apks( specifically IPTVs) seem to displace themselves overnight to bottom of list
On Hisense 4K: same type APKs disable themselves or eventually get deleted all together by this ghost. Even with the plug-in for downloaded installed. Any advice?

Hi @beachismyreligion
So question, has AndroidTV OS recently updated?

By updated: do you mean just a typical system update? I usually check daily but thank god these don’t end updates every other day like my firetv

Hi @beachismyreligion
Yes. Just wondering.
Updates pushed out, often have unforeseen/unintended consequences.

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I had a problem with ocean streams getting deleted I got some advice to disable play protect from the play store and that did the trick try it you have nothing to loose hope it works for you :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks @Bigrich . So I can just go into play store from device or PC and search “play protect”, or is a setting in the menu of device?

How to Disable Play Protect on Android TV Devices. This should be the link that tells you how to do it let us know how you make out hope it works for you


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