Real Debrid won’t play

Since Cinema is no longer, I’ve tried Teatv, Beetv and even Cyberflix. They let me sign in to real debrid but when I try to watch something, no real debrid pops up. Plus do all of these have the annoying commercials?


Make sure your real debrid is up-to-date.
Re authorize your account
Delete your devices in real debrid and re add them
Make sure they are added in real debrid.

These steps are a must and will solve the issue 9 out of 10 times. Also check real debrids Twitter for status updates.

Please go threw the guides.

I would also use something els with realdebrid.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

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We should add:
To delete your devices, you should to go to the real debrid website.

I can add it, i just assumed because you have to go to the website.

Might be a good idea…when someone (re)authorizes an addon or app, it’s automatically added to your dashboard. I haven’t found a way to remove devices without going to the website. Maybe there is, butI haven’t figured it out.

That’s exactly why i didnt have it in there as real debrid is managed by there website its kinda self explanatory. But i changed it

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