Real Debrid Warning

Hi Troy, or anyone else out there, I watched some movie on cinema the other night, with my ipvanish vpn on. The next day I got a threatening email from real debrid they would suspend my account if it happened again. Has this happened to anyone else. Thanks. Jimmy.

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Never happened to me, and I’ve been using both, well all 3 combined, for 2yrs plus. Never had an issue. Might be a scam, or a spam email possibly. Never know… ipvanish, RD, and cinema together…


Only scenario I’ve heard of where real debrid might issue such a warning is if you’re streaming from different ip addresses simultaneously. Not suggesting you were, just something I read about in the past. I’ve never received such a warning.


I wouldn’t even know how to do that, plus the two movies I was have supposed to have watched I’ve never heard of, who knows eh. thanks for replying. Jimmy.

Months ago I read some q & a about how one could use a real debrid account. Someone reported that they’d received such a warning after intentionally sharing real debrid credentials with a friend. Real debrid warned against doing this and threatened to terminate the account. Maybe real debrid was mistaken in your case. Or is it possible that someone else is using your account without your knowledge? If you think this is a possibility, change your login credentials.


If an email is not expected click on who it came from. This will expose the real email address. If not associated delete or send a phishing to vanish ip. Do not open any links.

Thank you all, I’m sure it was a real threat, because I had to change my Real Debrid password on Syncler, Cinema and Kodi. Also changed my password. But thanks again folks the feedback from members on this site is quite remarkable. Jimmy.

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Do you access your TV through a wireless router or Ethernet. If its wireless could that be the culprit? I am always fearful someone is tapping into my router. Call me paranoid. I have real_debrid as well and I have never had this happen either. Hope it was just a spam.

I’ve been using ipvanish and red debrid, with no problems for about 2 months… who knows?
Good luck,hopefully someone can help.

I do that all the time as I share IPVanish with several people and have maxed out my Real Debrid connections. They all use the VPN but it’s a slim chance they all connected to the same server at the same time. I’ll purposely connect to different servers from home on a few devices watch some stuff at the same time and see if an email shows up and if it does I’ll report back.

Yes…Twice for me.
They suspended my service for 8 hours and I to this day don’t understand how. They claimed I was streaming or downloading from 2 ip’s at same time. I use Real-Debrid on my Fire Box and on my Dads Fire Box.
Real Debrid is IP locked. You are locked to one IP at one time. Although you can use multiple devices on the one IP address. Meaning you can’t stream or download from 2 different IP addresses at the same time. The part I don’t understand is how I could have done this when I and dad are on the same router.
And doesn’t each device have it’s own designated IP address?

Excerpt: Any account sharing or generated links sharing will lead to a suspension of the User account.

Not happened since , just hope it was spam , use ethernet router. Thanks for the reply. Jimmy.

Not spam…I went to my account and the message was posted there as well as having received an email warning me that I could lose my service. What troubles me is that they have no services to resolve these issues. I don’t know how to prevent it again.

So if I have a shield with all my account info on it at my girl’s house, and I watch something at my home, on one of my other shields, while she is doing the same at her place, they will suspend me?

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What did thd message exactly say, i will check it against mine. Are you still able to use Real Debrid. Jimmy.

Never happened to me, been using rear debrid for 3 years without any issues.

its a real email i got a warning because i was using my real debris account on my boat and somebody in my house used firestick, so 2 different IP’s i apologized to RD and they we very good about it and just said don’t do it again, so i just spent the $10 for another account, now i can use one account per IP.
Maybe the IP IPVanish gave you was duplicated in their systems seems weird, but not impossible.

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Real debrid tells you which VPN they except but I believe you had probably use a different ip address when using your VPN which is why you got a warning .
Check out on there website which VPNs they allow as that could be as well the reason for the warning

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From my understanding if the two of you have separate IP addresses streaming from one account (Yours) that is considered sharing and would cause you to have your account suspended and or permanently disabled.
Go to your real-debrid account. Help. Type in sharing and select I received a warning.

You received a warning by e-mail with a password change ?

A warning is not a sanction. It’s here to secure your account and remember you the rules.

Please note that accesses given to third party applications (plugin, and so on) have been revoked when you received the warning for security reasons.
You can manage your devices on this page: Real-Debrid: All-in-one solution (you must be connected to your account to see this page)

You can use your account from any public IP address but you can’t use your account from more than one public IP address at the same time.
If your devices are connected through the same router, they are getting only one public IP address and you can use as many devices you want.

If you want to use Real-Debrid from two different IP addresses at a time, you have to sign up and pay for two different accounts. (with a different username and a different email address)

Interesting… So even in the same house, running VPN on 2 Shield’s, could trigger a fault in their eyes if you only pay for 1 IP connection, since each box would show a different IP through the VPN…?.?.?..