Real Debrid Warning

I stopped using Real Debrid after I relocated. I had that issue with different ip addresses I was unaware of. The white links works just fine without it.

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I have been using real debrid for 2 years and never had problem.

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Been using RD for over a year and never have had an issue. But, reading from other internet sites RD is very tough on how their site is used. Probably a mistake on their belief maybe it was being shared.

Wsup Guys - I have Also been using RD for many years - I do know a year or 2 ago RD - was asking clients to Screenshot VPN and send them pic so they Knew it was you and That you were using ( such and such vpn ) I’m guessing for Issues as this…You can go To RD HOME PAGE and send them message and Screenshot of your vpn and I’m quite positive they will straighten you out.!! Keep surfing the Stream and Stay Golden

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a VPN is similar to changing accounts or sharing accounts. This is mentioned in your agreement you do not need a VPN anyway because Real Debrid is your VPN. No worries and just don’t do it again

Real-Debris isn’t a VPN. and will not afford you protection for you publicly displayed IP address.