Real Debrid questions

What if you do not know what real rebid is,
where to get it,
what it costs?
Where do you get real debrid?
How much does it cost ?
How do I use it?
Thanks for any information in advance.
I have. Fire tv cube
But have been hearing a lot about the NVIDIA SHIELD.
Is it worth switching?


Troy has detailed instructions and videos to help set up real-debrid. I strongly recommend checking these out.

A quick summary:
Real-debrid is an unrestricted downloader which allows you to download instantly, at the best of your internet speed, any files available on download platforms without any restrictions.

Sign up at

15 30 90 180 day plans
3 4 9 16 euros (very inexpensive)

How do I use it?
After creating a real-debrid account,
If you use apks, under menu-settings, you’ll see an option to login to real-debrid. Click it and a code will appear. If you’re using the fire TV 4k, be prepared on another device, e.g. phone or laptop, at Real-Debrid | Application Authorization, to type in this code. You’ll receive confirmation and your set. When you search for links to programs/movies, real-debrid links will be labeled RD and usually colored.

Kodi works a little differently…are you a Kodi user?

I’ve never used Nvidia Shield. There’s lots of good information under Nvidia Shield topics on this forum.


Thanks r_higginbotham for all the good information
I do use kodi.
And I use IPVanish


dump IPVanish they are a speed killer. ExpressVPN is great. Speeds will stay steady and high

I have had no problems at all with IPVanish.


Real Debrid is not connecting or providing codes when trying to access thru Cinema HD or thru Syncler apps…

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Service was down last night. They are back working this morning, just fine. Working great with Cinema app

Real - debrid question: Do you have to go through the sign in process every time you open up Kodi?

No you Authorize Real Debrid through Resolve URL in KODI and you should be all set. You used to have to do it in the Addon but not anymore. Sometimes if there is an issue with RD you might have to Reauthorize over again.

No you shouldn’t have to. I’m not an expert on kodi by any means, but once you have enabled it in ResolveURL you’ll be fine. @Jayhawks659 has a guide to speed up Kodi and he gives exact instructions on how to do this as well as the best setup for speed, a must watch IMHO.

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Thanks @Miki

That video doesn’t show exactly how to do the authorization, but I do briefly mention what section it’s found in. When you scroll down to find real debrid it’s pretty self explanatory from there to authorize.


Thank you, Miki. Very helpful.

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