Real Debrid ip logs

Looking into real debrid, however my understanding is That they log the IP address you use to register since you can’t do it with your VPN on.

I was under the impression the VPN was highly recommended for all streaming so that your IP address would not be logged.

Seems like you’re opening yourself up for problems down the road with real debrid having your actual IP address. Based on all the IP TV providers being shut down and turning over their logs.

Thanks for the insight you can offer regarding my question.


I had the same thought as you. They keep a log of the streams you view also, which you can delete (really?) on the dashboard. One poster said it is there if you want to download it at some point.

I have very little experience with real-debrid, so if somebody could enlighten us that would be nice.



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Ip logs are kept by rd to make sure you are using it on one ip and not giving it out to others on a different network.

Real debrid is a secure site and you can purchase without a worry.

Keep vpn off buy link service to apps. Turn on when streaming.

It won’t mess you up once you have done that. Vpn encrypts that data while streaming and hides it. Even if they shut down rd they wouldn’t know what your using it for as its legitimate.


Just curious, what else would you use it for?

I’m sure they could reverse engineer to the subscriber.

Nothing in IT security is 100%


I’m sure lots of stuff can be done. But if your using a VPN while streaming that makes it harder.

Having a account with real debrid doesn’t mean you are using it for illegal TV and movies.

They would still have to get a court order to your isp to get logs… or turn on vpn keep that ip logged sign up for rd, and make sure everytime you authorize a device have that ip on.

Edit: real debrid has a white list for vpns btw and ip addresses. So turning on a VPN won’t effect you.

Excuse my ignorance, so you’re saying that I could register for real Debrid with the VPN on and since it is whitelisted I won’t have an issue using the VPN while streaming with rd? I am using IP vanish.

Thanks again.


You sir are correct!


@TP-Dracoo You are right…just shooting the S#$t…IT security is always a subject that should be reviewed and discussed…

Thank you for your input…I learn new stuff here everyday…

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Yea I understand. I enjoy talking about this and learning.

@7474 correct.


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