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I would love to know what the benefits are with real debrid I am new to all this and just getting to grips with it I seem to be able to use cinema and kodi without any problems

Real Debrid has many advantages, but the one main advantage is that you can get top quality consistent streams on well maintained and well programmed servers, resulting in little, if any, buffering.


Maybe something worth looking into then I don’t seem to be having any problems with buffering up to now

After a 30 second search for a newer movie Kodi found 678 paid sources and only 6 that were free. That should tell you everything you need to know. However, I’ll also point out that 47 of those paid links are in 4K. And if you setup Kodi add-ons the right way to only use cached torrents you’ll practically never have buffering, even with 4K, assuming your ISP is fast enough and you’re using a VPN.


See my video on the crew add-on and what I consider to be the best way to configure the settings with real-debrid.


Thanks for the advice Jay I’m going to watch that video and have a look into it I am not very up-to-date with all this streaming so it’s just taking time to learn stuff

I have a VPN I always do

i have logged on to real debrid, but my card keeps getting declined, can anyone explain why i can’t get payment to go thru. thanks in advance.

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It can be tricky since the payment is in Euros. If you’re trying to pay in USD then your bank might block the transaction or doesn’t automatically do the conversion. Some people have had success using Amazon pay. However, one person said that it defaults to What I did is just go to that website and do the language conversion to English. Click on register. Sign in with your usual Amazon username and password and it works just the same. Go to your payment settings and make sure your information carried over. Then go back to RD and use Amazon as your payment method.

You can also purchase a Visa gift card online instantly. I believe they will work for payment, but I haven’t done it myself.

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