Real debrid buffering constantly

I had this issue before. I found for me, it was MX player for whatever reason. I use Syncler, I found the exo player default works for me no problem.
Good luck

my Real Debrd account ran out and it seems that they only accept Cryptomoney now.
Followed instruction to turn off VPN which didn’t work. Website totally automated, no way to contact them, any suggestions?


Fake News! Still accepting credit cards


Agree, not sure where the Crypto-only information came from.


Some holiday troll activity rearing it’s head.

RD hasnt deviated from their typical 4 payment term methods several years now. I think Amazon Pay was added last, which is very useful, since some bank credit cards flag fraud for the international charge.

UTOP can also be a good method of payment for those that use the site for premium keys. RD cost is similar to euro exchange on RD direct site, in some cases better. You can also purchase 12 month terms. You’d just redeem your purchase on your RD account as a prepaid ticket.

What’s nice with this method is that you can still build up fidelity points with the redemption (though you still only earn 800 pts even if you purchase/redeem the 12 month) and concurrently earn utop points that can be redeemed for future purchases also (1 point per $1).

Caveat is utop only accepts many forms of crypto and offshore cash payment portals. No CC, PP, Amazon, etc.

In this case, the OP comment related to crypto only payments would apply.

I’ve gotten my Syncler and RD keys them with no issues.

When you log in on line there is a help button on the top right in the header. Click it and follow the instructions. You can contact them and do quite a bit in your login panel GUI.


I don’t recall seeing an option for a 12 month subscription for RD. The most I have seen is 120 days (= +/- 6 mths), which is the subscription I have been taking since I started using RD and have used Amazon Pay to purchase as I find it to be a more secure method than using my CC directly.

Just my 2 cents…


I usually buy a 6 mth sub and then wait for a bit and add a second 6mth sub. I’ve used my CC for RD for a few years now.

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The 12 month option is available on the UTOP RD purchase page.


interesting been using RD for several years and didn’t know you could get it anywhere other than their website. Does UTOP give Fidelity Points?

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You redeem the RD purchase from UTOP as a reseller voucher redemption on the RD website. When you redeem it, you’ll earn your fidelity points on your RD account just as you would if you bought it directly from their site. You will also accrue otop reward points also with anything that you purchase on their site.


Great posts and fantastic information. Thank you for sharing. I had no clue there was a yearly option.

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Cool. Thanks for the info @Miki & @mthr1. Both are solid ideas and suggestions. Cheers.