Question/opinion pls?(RE: vpn)

Hello… I’d appreciate any info, opinions, etc.?
— I see that several different IPTV ‘s recommend only specific vpn’s…BUT NOT SURFSHARK.?!?
This has me a bit concerned as to why it’s not on these “recommended lists”.??!??
Aside from the obvious of it not being recommended for slow or unreliable servers, I’d appreciate it if someone can fill me in as to why SURFSHARK , as far as I’ve seen, is not listed as a recommended VPN?

Thx :pray:t2:


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First thing if a iptv provider says don’t use a VPN it means they have vpn proxy block or something to that level. Use a vpn anyway.

If the iptv provider service does not work with a vpn move on.

And I don’t know what you mean? Troypoint recommend vpn is ipvanish or

When it comes to finding the best VPN for streaming, there are a few key features we must look for. These include:

  • Easy to Use App for any streaming device
  • Blazing Fast Download Speeds
  • Compatible with Streaming Apps
  • No traffic logs
  • Great price
  • Secure VPN Protocols
  • Hundreds of servers located worldwide
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Simultaneous connection abilities

Honestly pick one that works for you. Plenty of people here use surfshark.


This is just my two cents. I’m not sure why its not recommended as I use it. Back in April when I started using it, I had serious buffering issues so I purchased a subscription to another one. After sometime that issue stopped so I use it more than my other one. I do have to switch servers once in awhile when the buffering starts and it solves the issue which is maybe once a week.

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Hello:)…thx for ur quick reply!

…yea, I know TP recommends IPVANISH but had already got subscription to SURFSHARK b4 finding TP…
aside from TP, I’ve noticed that many IPTV services do NOT have SURFSHARK in their list of rec vpn’s….
Curious if I missed something bad about SURFSHARK.
Thx so much…

Sorry for confusion I typed in original msg…my eyes r just now focusing from my caffeine😂


Probably popularity or paid to to recommend it.

But again do your own research, and use something you want to pay for. Those recommendations are to give you an idea. But if surfshark works then by all means use it.

Lots of underdogs out there that probably do the same as these recommendations.

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Yes… it definitely had those annoying issues…lol

—I noticed that some IPTV DO NOT recommended them???.. for example, ck out Apollo list of rec vpn’s…

Hmmmmm???..inquiring minds wanna know…

Thx for ur reply

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I’ve been very pleased with it lately and the kill switch does work as my internet had a hiccup yesterday and shut down. We use it on all of our devices in house as well as our phones and tablets. Same with phone or tablet, if I see I have an issue with a page loading, I switch servers and issue goes away. To me its not a big deal as I know nothing is perfect


What I was thinking n concerned about was that SOME vpn’s will “sell out” their customers… After noticing that they don’t seem to be recommended, I wondered and hoped that this was not why…

You can search and search and different answers come up for all VPN’s. Surfshark Location

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I,ve used surfshark for a long time. Check out all the options availiable. What works for one might not work for another. When using the surfshark app I found switching to the wireguard protocol really sped things up. Also try switching servers. I found my closest server to me not actually be the fastest and a server in florida actually performed way better than the one a few miles from me. I recently upgraded my router and now surfshark runs very well using openvpn. Currently I only use the app on my phone when away from home and the router at home. All my iptv traffic is routed thru surfshark with very few issues. I also have a roku and tablo which I bypass the vpn with.

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this is so true… I’ve tried several different ones… i.e.
ipvanish, cyber ghost, and a few other free ones. so far, haven’t had any issues with buffering or low dl speeds.
I’ve had it about 2 wks now but have only watched 2 movies using it. wanna try it on some of my other devices to see how it works with them. 3 android boxes, 2 roku sticks, and 2 firesticks. of course not using all of them some are just upgrades and just kept the old ones!

oh and BTW, thanks for helping out with information from everyone!

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The top 4 vpn’s for streaming


Probably because a commission is involved in promoting the one they sponsor.

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@draco @ztrb.
Great post… all you need to know about VPN’s.
On my android TV box I can see top right if IPVanish is running.

With the firestick I use the VPN safety dot APK. For those who don’t know what VPN safety dot APK is …it shows a green dot when connected in the top right of your screen and red if it disconnects which happens to me enough for me to need that APK. You can get it in Troypoint RAI


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