Ipvanish question

OK here’s an off-the-wall question I’ve been sitting on. Why when I use IPVanish on my computer, why am I getting all kinds of ads on the side bar of my search engine for things I may have searched for or ordered on Amazon? Isn’t my browser activity suppose to be hidden?

Also, why I’d like to keep IPVanish on my computer browser all of the time, I can’t because to often I get the message that the site can’t be found or a spinning circle? Is that just to be expected for privacy protection?

Very good question.

Any device hooked up to your internet will have the same ip. If you log in and browse with other devices that isnt using a vpn you will still get targeted ads.

For example, on my phone i always forget to turn my vpn on and boom everything i searched will have targeted add nonsense, as soon as my vpn goes on and i clean my history and wipe my phone its gone.

Make sure you dont have google locations on and web tracking data on. (browser settings) Make sure you are cleaning your cookies regularly, they also track your location and send off info to these people for targeted adds.

Just keep vpn on all devices and your inet logs and web surfing will be scrubbed inculding your entry and exit nodes. ipvanish as unlimited connections.


THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate it.

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You are so very welcome. Thank you for being a patron. Enjoy!