Question about Wolf Launcher

I have installed Wolf Launcher on Firestick 4K Max but I don’t understand why it doesn’t open any apps when in the launcher and one time it went completely blank and could barely see any apks

I have wolf launcher and the launcher manager installed on the Max

. You need both parts to work. Now when you say it doesn’t launch any apps can you give us details on what you have tried or exactly what you do when they won’t launch.

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Well I don’t understand why I didn’t see disable stock launcher and when I clicked on an app nothing opened at all & I am not sure what to do now & it doesn’t show you going though the Apps or APKs either

Do you have both Wolf Launcher and Launcher Manager installed? If so then you use Launcher Manager to disable stock launcher and enable custom launcher.

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I have both but like I am saying the Firestick in the Wolf Launcher now doesn’t open any Apps or APKs and I have no idea why that is either & it doesn’t show you going though the Apps or APKs

My problem is I don’t see disable stock launcher so I had to go back to the stock launcher because I couldn’t open anything in the Wolf Launcher

I don’t keep apks once an app is installed. The apps are inside my folders. I like my home page not to be cluttered.

I see it. Top of list read the small print it says
Enable/Disable custom launcher

You have the wolf launcher set as your Current Launcher That’s it, you’re done.

Now click your home button. There is your home screen with your apps

As you already have enabled the “Custom Launcher” you have the choice to “Disable Custom Launcher” in the window you show and return to the Amazon stock launcher. Then once back there you can find launcher manager in you apps, open it, and now you can enable “Custom Launcher” AKA Wolf in this case as that’s the customer launcher you installed. Wolf isn’t the only custom launcher you can get, there are others and the Launcher Manager does exactly as it’s name says.

Well I had the Wolf Launcher enabled but for some reason it wouldn’t open any Apps or APKs and didn’t show what Apps or APKs I was scrolling on either.
Also there is post to be a selection disable stock launcher and that wasn’t available

At that screen you are missing a step.
CLICK YOUR HOME BUTTON, then it will take you to your home page where your apps are.
You already disabled the stock launcher to get the screen you posted.

I just disabled Wolf to show you. The launcher is now KFT Launcher (Stock Launcher)
Top right Launcher Options
Enable/Disable Custom Launcher.

Now when I enable custom launcher and Wolf loads I click “Home” on the remote and my home page loads.

I am not sure what is going on there is post to be 4 options under launcher options and I only have 3 options:

  1. Enable custom launcher
  2. Disable custom launcher
  3. Custom launcher settings
  4. Disable stock launcher and I don’t have this one right here

There isn’ that option. Enabling the custom launcher does disable the stock launcher.

So now I click the “Enable” and i am in Wolf

Now I click my home button on the remote
And my home page loads.

Well explain this why was I had the wolf launcher enabled and I couldn’t see what apps I was scrolling through or why I wasn’t able to open anything in the wolf launcher also

Click your home button.
Click your home button
You don’t open anything in the wolf launcher. You use launcher manager if you wish to access the various settings panels as I mentioned previously.

The home didn’t help I had to unable the wolf launcher to be able to open any apps

Post a pic of what you get when you see the screen you posted just like my last pic, with Wolf enabled and then you click the home button.


Resolved, thank you.

Perfect. There you go, those are your apps. If you want your configuration panels click the Launcher Manager on the top right.