Question about Troy video

Hey Hey what’s up? I appreciate the help on this. I just installed all the stuff from the guide and everything looks great.

Only question is … in the video there’s a frame of a live tv with Troy logo in the corner, and it’s going through a guide. Just curious what that’s called so I can add this exact feature. He never mentions what this is. And seeing how his logo is on the top left side, I’m just wondering if he added that logo for the video or if it’s his own app with live tv and a guide

Forgive my ignorance I’m new to this.

Much appreciated

This looks like TiViMate. Was that the video you watched? Yup that’s an IPTV player called TiViMate.
There are many discussions and topics on here about TiViMate, as well as tutorials.

The video I watched was from this site.
Actually the one I mention is from YouTube

27 seconds in. Thanks bro

I’ll have to watch that vid but from what I saw, that pic was of a TiViMate setup with the EPG and banner mods.

Lol I got no idea what banner mods and epg are LMAO Hey Hey :wave:

Ooops The banner is usually the top bar in an app and often has the three horizontal lines ( hamburger) or the gear cog, or a magnifying glass, here you see that Troy has added his logo, that’s a mod(modification) and the EPG is the electronic program guide which tells you what is on each channel in the list. Welcome to our fun little community and please don’t be shy. Use the search function and you’ll be surprised by what you can learn.
Have fun and STREAM ON.


My man. Thank you very much

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