Question about Orion

I keep seeing alot of mention of Orion. I use Real Debrid on Kodi, Syncler and also trying Stemio in the last week. The basic Real Debrid setup is great. I know Orion is another subscription to pay for. Not 100% sure what it does or what the exact benefits are that I would notice? One thing I have gathered is that it will help scrape links ALOT quicker. Is there anything else beneficial I would get out of it? I am just not sure if I would feel it’s worth it. I just like to decide on a link from my list RD and click on it and not worry beyond that. REAL debrid seems more than sufficient. Someone sell me on Orion. LOL

Orion isnt required by any stretch of the imagination. RD is perfectly fine and still works well enough to use alone. Orion just complements it and helps find more links, faster. It is also another step you can dial in your search to higher or lower quality links, and allows them to be sorted as such. This would work in tandem with the apk or add-on settings. It is hard to sell something that truly is just a paid helper to an already paid service, but it is cheap enough, why not try it and find out?

I have a topic on orion with all the info of what it does.

You don’t need it but if you wanna pay for itd fantastic.


How much faster is it? It almost instantaneous fast to find all of the links?

On seren/stremio/weyd and syncler its fast.

Not instant but helps for sure. Finds more sources too, from my experience.

I use the free version which gets the same links but just limits the number you can get. Does the paid version compare favorably/better/worse with Real Debrid?

The free version just really limits you, but still works fine with Real Debrid. It likely wouldn’t make sense for heavy users, but a good chance to try it before you buy.

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