ProtonVPN Speedup Technology

Well at last I can confirm that the speed up tech actually works for me. As many if you know I’ve just moved from Mexico to Canada, so I had to establish an internet all over again. I went with my provincial supplier here and it’s fiber. I purchased a 150Mbps service. After setting everything up and turning off my VPN then choosing the 5GHz band I began to run tests. The first one determined how many others close to me were using the same channel 54 as me. That was six, not bad but going to go into my modem and choose a completely vacant channel around 115 so I get no signal interference at all. Then I ran tests and got around 150-160 Mbps down and 55 up. I ran 20 tests throughout the day with the VPN off to get a good overall idea of any variances. Now I know most struggle with speed loss when turning on their VPN, but I have luckily never had that issue. I then turned on my ProtonVPN and ran 20 tests throughout the day choosing a different server location every time. I tested ones from one side of Canada to the other and the USA from one side to the other and top to bottom. My speeds varied from 165-172Mbps down with 60-65 up. I am one happy camper. BTW this was on the service suppliers modem which is nothing fancy. Arris NVG448BQ. These are not huge speed gains but around 10% is good IMHO.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!


What exactly is this “speedup” technology. How does it work and why wouldn’t other VPNs use it if it works that well?

I haven’t a clue. You’ll have to go to their site and the info is there.

I agree with Miki about proton service. It is far and above the others imho.

This speed up tech is available on routers as well during setup as well as secure core servers etc.

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What exactly does this function do to “Accelerate” internet speed through the VPN? Proton’s site isn’t specific, just uses it like a marketing term. Reminds me of the IPTV “anti-freeze” technology lol, except this actually sounds like a real thing.

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not real sure how it works and odds are they aint talkin’ :joy:… insider stuff, double not spy type info :skull:

Too bad Proton doesn’t care about enhancing the Android version of their VPN, because it would be hard to beat, it sounds like. For now, I’m staying put as after I moved on from SS, haven’t had to think about VPN hardly at all.

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It seems ,although I can’t confirm it, that I simply set it up by logging into my on line account and then that extends to any devices I register to that account. One thing where they do let me down is their customer service which is deadly slow.
This from Proton:

Leveraging our capabilities in network engineering, VPN Accelerator overcomes many factors which impact VPN performance, such as CPU limitations, latency, TCP congestion, and protocol-specific issues. As a result, VPN Accelerator increases VPN speeds by over 400%, particularly over long distances, and for all VPN protocols. As a result, OpenVPN with VPN Accelerator can reach the same speeds as WireGuard with VPN Accelerator.

VPN Accelerator is now available on all ProtonVPN apps for all ProtonVPN users (free and paid). It has been enabled by default, but can be turned off in Settings. More details can be found here: Increase speeds by up to 400% with VPN Accelerator

We’ll continue to leverage our technical expertise and robust research background to bring you state-of-the-art features. In the coming months, we will be rolling out even more 10G servers for ProtonVPN Plus users to better take advantage of the speeds that VPN Accelerator can unlock!

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Is ProtonVPN still viable for geoblocking services, like Netflix and Prime?

Sorry I personally can’t say yes or no as I don’t do Netflix Prime or utube. Most of their info can be found on their site.

Sure wish they would share their secret of this witchcraft that makes OpenVPN as fast as Wireguard. I have a hard time believing that even if this coined “Accelerator” is proprietary, how haven’t all the other VPNs capitalized on this idea and made their own proprietary version. You have me intrigued.

I tried to dig into the guts of it, but can only get the info I posted. So like a lot of computer stuff, there is just to much to learn for one person. So I simply accept it works once I verify such claims as I did with my tests yesterday, then kick back and enjoy. I tested my speeds this morning and got 172 Mbps down over WiFi. That’s more than what I need or will use as there are only 2 of us on the connection.

I use Surfshark and Proton Free . There is no doubt as Miki says that Proton is faster.

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I can attest to all of Miki’s findings. Been doing testing like him with Proton for a year or so. Most of the time gain 10-20 % speed increase! Whatever Voodoo it is it works and works well! Just sit back and enjoy!


I can confirm that Proton is much faster than Nord.


I’m having a smooth ride with Proton Unlimited myself.


Latest Proton Android Version is
They have regular updates on Github

Please explain how you can confirm Proton is faster than Nord? Are you using them both now with Accelerator and Nord using NordLynx? I’d really like to know as I need to make a decision soon.

You should try one month both services to see yourself.

Agree, all vpn’s have their good and bad, its best to test the water before jumping in.

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