ProtonVPN Speedup Technology

Hey, your in CANADA now. Welcome. Welcome. I have not used PROTON VPN yet but see the need. I have another year left with Surfshark and found it to be the fastest. The upload is throttled to 30 so yeah I see where PROTON VPN can save money and time. Nice intro dude. Throttling does happen. Also noting the channels others using does explain much. I use to use a UBitquiti so it allowed me to change a lot but it just stopped working one day. Currently using the same router/modem as you.

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Thank you for the welcome back. After being away for years it’s a tad difficult dealing with things like My Services Canada. But I will prevail. :wink: :confounded:

Too Funny. Things change as I found after being in the middle east for 20yrs. When I tried to use the Canada Post website…it reminded me of when I first went to Lebanon and said it would be easier to get Charron to stop eliminating palestinians than to get a freakin landline. So like you I did prevail. And as it turned out the mobile costs were the highest in the planet at the time because of who owned it and how they were seeking to pay off war debt. I was like this is snakes and ladders. And when I called even the service attendants said it was difficult to navigate. Also a misconnect between in person online and website. I found a permanent glitch with TAX online. Still haven’t mastered that. Right hand is absent to what the left hand is doing in a lot of things in Canada. So about a cheapest phone subscriber which took me years to find this one but is the cheapest is PUBLIC MOBILE. $45 monthly rather than all the others which minimum is $60 plus.

Proton VPN accelerator I do believe uses unlocking GEO_FENCING abilities but don’t quote me. This is personal/theoretical

Something I found is switching from a 3G to 4G. A guy who explained this to me lives on outskirt he had to switch and it helped with basic mobile use but can not say about streaming. I did live on the outskirts once and yeah super slow where nothing helped. The towers are far and even a direct dish doesn’t do it. A hard wired connect to service would be the only trick. That was the solution used in rural England.

Proton’s tech will be limited by the speed of your service.
It can’t turn a 50 mbps service into a 100 mbps into a 100 mbps service.
What it can do is make it so your 50 mbps is downgraded a lot while the VPN is engaged.

I have a 150 Mbps down without the vpn on and with it on I get 165+ depending on location and time of day. Just a 10% increase and I don’t really need it. Way below their claimed “as much as 400% increase” though.


Yeah, I’ve got similar results, too occasionally, but I hesitate to attribute that to Proton.
If I speed test sans VPN, I often get results + or -10% or so.

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I still cannot fathom why anyone would use any other VPN if Proton can make your internet faster than not using one at all. I have 500 mbps service and 225 or so through a VPN (Express or SS). If you are telling me i could get 525mbps with Proton, that would be a no brainer.

Question for the group, since the Android version of Proton is so limited (console not phone) any guesses as to what protocol they use when we use their service say on the Shield or Firestick?

It doesn’t work like that. When you use a VPN, your connection will get slower than when you don’t use one. Because a VPN will redirect your connection to a remote server. For examble, your internet speed is 500 mbps then you will only get 300 mbps or so but Proton can make it 400 mbps. 400% is what you get faster than a normal VPN will get, not 400% speed of your internet speed.

I fully understand what VPNs do and how they work, I am just trying to understand Proton’s claims and this speed up technology. Still, if I get 225mbps from Express, Proton is going to be 400% faster than that?

You have to ask them about that. I don’t think they compare their speed with Express VPN in this context.

Express is the fastest VPN I have ever used, and it keeps my speeds much higher than IPVanish, SS or Nord. I would try Proton but already have 2 active VPN subs, and I like sleeping in my own bed and not in the doghouse. :grimacing:

I’ve tried ExpressVPN against the free Proton and it’s the only one I’ve tried that was slightly faster. Without VPN, using Ethernet on my BuzzX5 I get about 950 dl
ExpressVPN I get about 250dl and Proton was about 290dl
The down fall with Proton is the much lacking options in the settings on the android TV app.


For verification you’ll have to ask Proton. I can only use my results after using it for over a year. In Mexico and here in Canada I get better speeds with Proton than without. As I mentioned +10% on average, but the point is mute as 35+ Mbps down is good for streaming other than 8K and there isn’t much of that.

For streaming, having additional speed overhead, as @Miki mentioned, will not improve streaming performance or quality of picture. This is assuming that you don’t have a very low speed profile from your ISP or have badly underperforming wifi signal/range.

Having a VPN that provides the most efficient speed throughput plays a more important factor if you have the vpn installed at a router level or at end points that function more for downloads and uploads (such as FTP server use). Another area would be gaming. In those scenarios, the faster the better as well low latencies.

For media streaming use only, under typical conditions, better to focus on the better cost deal, server location availability (to what’s relevant for use), and geoblocking features.

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While I understand the 30mbps minimum level, I have the need for speed and will always chase improvements where I can. If another product gives me more performance, I am addicted and will give in to temptation. I have a sickness and not afraid to admit it lol.

lol. Oh trust me being ADHD I fixate on stuff all the time. My problem is, a severe lack of income and a love of spending to get more. Lol.


often an isp will throttle a naked connection and not mess with the vpn connection. Only thing I can figure is through some automated process it detects a video stream and limits it. :roll_eyes: