ProtonVPN Speedup Technology

Hey, your in CANADA now. Welcome. Welcome. I have not used PROTON VPN yet but see the need. I have another year left with Surfshark and found it to be the fastest. The upload is throttled to 30 so yeah I see where PROTON VPN can save money and time. Nice intro dude. Throttling does happen. Also noting the channels others using does explain much. I use to use a UBitquiti so it allowed me to change a lot but it just stopped working one day. Currently using the same router/modem as you.

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Thank you for the welcome back. After being away for years it’s a tad difficult dealing with things like My Services Canada. But I will prevail. :wink: :confounded:

Too Funny. Things change as I found after being in the middle east for 20yrs. When I tried to use the Canada Post website…it reminded me of when I first went to Lebanon and said it would be easier to get Charron to stop eliminating palestinians than to get a freakin landline. So like you I did prevail. And as it turned out the mobile costs were the highest in the planet at the time because of who owned it and how they were seeking to pay off war debt. I was like this is snakes and ladders. And when I called even the service attendants said it was difficult to navigate. Also a misconnect between in person online and website. I found a permanent glitch with TAX online. Still haven’t mastered that. Right hand is absent to what the left hand is doing in a lot of things in Canada. So about a cheapest phone subscriber which took me years to find this one but is the cheapest is PUBLIC MOBILE. $45 monthly rather than all the others which minimum is $60 plus.

Proton VPN accelerator I do believe uses unlocking GEO_FENCING abilities but don’t quote me. This is personal/theoretical