Projectivy launcher - good for Firestick?

Not that my Widgets work correctly on Wolf, but noticed there is no widgets possible on ProjectIvy.

Just put it on one of my KM6s and just to verify everything Ron said, this is a really nice launcher. Would recommend for AndroidTV, not necessarily for FireTV at this point. Has more features available on Android, and the one app, one step process (without LM) makes things nice and streamlined.

Shortcomings that I have noticed for either system:
-Can’t make folders (or can you?)
-No widgets
-Can’t make each group of icons different sizes…cant round the icon edges, more or less.

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Yes couldn’t agree more. This is geared for Android. I thought if you use the home button it goes back to stock home screen. Lot’s of missed steps.

From the tech docs vid it was my understanding that you have to remap a button to activate Wolf. AFTVnews has the full selection of remotes and remapping codes for a copy/paste option on the ADB command.

The way I saw it was it added some custom background, enabled apps to appear that wouldn’t normally appear on the stock launcher without making a shortcut, a little bit of card resizing, eliminated the extra pages on the stock, and that was about it.

I rarely use any other page other than the Home Page. I have absolutely nothing on the Discover page so that is just a waste of space for me. Besides, I get a plethora of media suggestions on my Home page, anyway. The Apps page is redundant because I normally just access any apps from my Home page.

I guess if you wish to have a nice background pic it is very nice for that purpose. In fact, that would be a great idea for the next Nvidia upgrade.


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