Problem with Downloader and Troypoint Toolbox

This one is embarrassing, but I just can’t figure it out.

I’m attempting to access the Toolbox, having used the provided code. I am taken to the initial screen, as shown in the tutorial. However, I am totally UNABLE to scroll down past this page to get to the tools/files/apps!

I can access the entire page from my Firefox app, but my box won’t let me install the files from there.

Any thoughts on how to deal with this one?

Hello, what device are you using?

From downloader you should be able to type in code or use TROYPOINT Toolbox. What device?

Using an Elite Stream Android box.

I have the same issue. I am using Firestick 4K (Gen 1)

You can access the TP Toolbox from ANY browser, TVBro, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc…

You can even make an app so it can appear on your apps page or even in your favorites bar,

Downloader is just another browser, a vehicle, to access web sites and be able to download. Any browser can do that. I just don’t see the infatuation with Downloader. Tbh, I rarely ever use it anymore.


I found the Silk browser on the sticks to be the best. After all it’s optimized for them. Once you have accessed Troy’s toolbox then simply install the downloader app from there or in the Silk browser go to AFTVnews and get it from there. Bookmark these sites for future access.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

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That’s the problem. Unfortunately, some generic Android Boxes (not running true Android TV), the mouse doesn’t work in Downloader.

Something you can do instead.

Open the browser on your Android Box, probably Chrome. Then, go to TROYPOINT Toolbox and download through your browser instead of Downloader.

This may be a good video that I can make next week as I’m sure there are other with this same problem.


Yes, I’m able to pull up the entire page on Firefox, but it won’t allow me to click the Download button - just doesn’t respond. I’ll give Chrome and Silk a try…

I use TVBro mostly. Which you can get from the TP Toolbox, too.

I’m having trouble with downloader and toolbox. Using a Mecool KM2
Downloader will take me to toolbox but will not let me download anything
no mater what. I then went to browser and to toolbox and it let me download
APKapp but when I installed it and opened it up it said error. There was no apps
showing and did a search and it said no apps.
Any suggestions


Try again without using a vpn

That did trick. Just wondering why all at once it stopped

Thank you
Glb 1025


Same problem as OP here, using generic android box.

If the problem is that our boxes are not running true Android TV, can’t we just wipe the system then flash a version of it onto the box?

Stay safe folks


After two weeks of trying to scroll down the page I finally found the key. If you swipe up on the page with the OK button pressed it seems to work. Give it a try, and good luck.

Amazon Fire Cube

I’m having a lot of problems with playback failed one or more items failed to play. Check log for more information about this error!! I have a thousand messages like this in my log file

Had the same problem not being able to scroll down using the mouse. Used my keyboard and was able to scroll sown.

I have the same problem sometimes when I’m using my fire stick remote on my shield pro device!