Problem adding USB to Firestick

Ok guys, I bought cables and a couple of extra USB sticks and I’m totally baffled. The firestick knows the USB drive is there cos when I pull it out it shows on screen that it has been unexpectedly been removed and the USB icon pops up when I put it back in. I even formatted manually with Fat32, still nothing, even tried exFat and when I put it in it asked if I wanted to format to Fat32. Tried a different cable and about 10 different USB 3.0 and 2.0 drives and same issue, also running 2 firsticks and both are the same and have factory reset one of them with the same results but now have to install all my apps from scratch again into that firestick.

Ready to kick it of the wall.

By the way I’m using Firestick 4K’s with up to date firmware, it’s as if something has changed with Amazon firmware stopping the USB showing under My Fire TV.

Older firesticks have issues with expanding storage. Also some apps just cant be moved.

Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

Depending on what your needs are you really only need 1 to 5 apps total.

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Sorry but this doesn’t help me much to be honest. Don’t under stand as it asked to format the drive and says complete but just doesn’t show in the menu. I can also clearly see it via x-plore.

Is it a 4k or 4k max. Max handles usb drives flawlessly 4K not so much.

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As stated in original post, 2 X 4K’s mate. Looks like it’s a 4K max or two on prime day hopefully lol

For the older 4k, it is not a matter of simply plugging in a USB drive.

If you go to, there is a good tutorial showing how to expand internal memory for both the OS 6 and OS 7 sticks.

Yours is an OS 6.
The procedure will take maybe 30 minutes.
The only step that I wouldn’t strictly follow is partitioning the USB drive 50-50. I’d use maybe a 16 or 32 GB for the extra memory and just choose 100%.

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I know you stated 4k but Max are also 4K. 4K Max. That’s why I aked for clarification as they handle added storage entirely differently. So yes Prime days or whatever it’s called, is a golden opportunity to get an inexpensive Max.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

And thats why i said older sticks don’t handle usb storage that well…


Managed to get it sorted guys using the partition method, this is all I needed so I can side load more apps as I was running out of space big time. I didn’t need a partition for media as I use Plex running of my Synology Nas so just used the full 64GB space for apps now which is more than plenty. I’ve kept my main apps on the firestick and moved a couple of the larger apps over to the USB so firestick is less loaded now and running more smoothly and I now have plenty of space :slight_smile:

Just for anyone else having the same problem the video below done the trick, it’s 2 year old but still very relevant :slight_smile:


That is why the video is there. Thank you for watching and enjoy.

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