Prime video not working with Surfshark

We’ve had Surfshark for a few months. At first it worked fine with Prime Video, but within the last week it has quit. Prime connects, but once I hit play for what I want to watch it never loads.

I spent over an hour chatting with surfshark support and we got nowhere. We checked for leaks and I have none. Then we changed the DNS servers. At that point I had to leave the chat. I’m supposed to reconnect with them today.

For now, I’m having to turn off the VPN to watch Prime Video. To me that’s not acceptable.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or do you have any ideas? I would welcome your input. I’m in the US.

Thank you!

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A vpn is not required for prime, use the bypasser to route


For the heck of it and still recuperating at home, I routed Prime through SS and have Rio playing now. Nvidia Shield Pro

I apologize. I had read the rules and regulations. I didn’t realize I was breaking them. After rereading I saw my error. I never meant to break the rules. Just looking for help.
Thank you.


It’s like you’ve never left. Glad you’re home!

Now, fire up that frozen pizza and crack open an ice cold beer. Then relax watching some Ozzie and Harriet reruns. lol

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I’ve been having issues lately with Surfshark. Doesn’t connect, when connected to a different location, my home IP address shows up sometimes. My speeds are all over the place. Tried various devices, hard wired and wifi. I think SurfShark is having some issues as they continue to grow, maybe a cash grab. I have 8 months left on my subscription, but I just went back to Express VPN for the $6.67 a month 12 month deal plus 3 free months. Guess you actually get you pay for. But, that’s my option and my opinion, to each their own. That’s just my experience, but I don’t use a VPN with a paid service like you describe. But, just for poops and giggles, it did work with my streaming services, even YT

This is talked about alot, all we ask is to search frist. Thank you.

Use bypass works fine not needed for prime

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Thanks I appreciate that! No pizza and I don’t drink alcohol but I’ve been enjoying my coffee & water. Chilled in electric recliner which they moved to our bedroom because I can’t lay flat due to pain watching Colombo & The Andy Griffith Show plus tried to get logged into the new Max app and see what it’s all about

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Hi, Prime Video can only work if your IP is based in the country that you are subscribed in…So if you are in the US, then it should work as long as the VPN link you are choosing is another one in the US… However, I noticed I had the same issue up here in Canada when trying to use SS to mask my home IP… it too worked for a bit, but then it too stopped working. Therefore, I too had to use the bypass for it to work as well. So I am not sure why it won’t work when using SS either…but bypassing the VPN for one or two apps isn’t a big deal especially if they already had your home IP when you signed up for the service… Just my 2 cents.

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