Preemptive termination in kodi

I’m trying to setup my Seren addon in kodi 18.9 and when I get to Scraping setting, it shows Preemptive Termination. I don’t know what that means or what to do with that setting. Would someone pls help me?

I’ve never posted a topic before. I hope I’m doing this right. I was trying to use the Seren addon for kodi 18.9 and I also got the message saying Sren doesn’t have a remote updater any longer…I don’t know what that means. Please forgive my ignorance :pray:

Hi @Patachou
No worries, we all started at some point.
So, using Seren, even installing the package screen, use
If you are still having issues, come back and we can check to see about some other things. As far as the auto updated, just simply means, you have to set up a setting to auto update as Seren won’t be notifying you an update is available.


It means it stops after finding a certain number of sources. I prefer to do the time out method instead. This video I did for the crew is practically the same.


Ok :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for being understanding
I’ll try using the url you gave me to add a package.
I’ll let you know how it turns out :crossed_fingers:

Thanks, Jayhawks659 I’ll go to watch your video then follow how to set up the preemptive termination in settings. I’ll get back to you and let you know how I did :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the YouTube video​:+1::grinning:
You explained about Preemptive Termination settings and I now have the general idea and followed your advice! Very Much Appreciated :star_struck:

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Hi, Sbrowne126 :wave:
Thank you for giving me the package url to install for Seren :star_struck::grinning:
I installed and finally got sources for my tv shows to play! I love classic TV - especially Britcoms :uk::raised_hands:
I’ve tried to find on different addons in kodi, but most can’t find any sources.
Thank you once again for helping me, I’ll learn more each time I come to Troypoint and won’t feel so dumb or afraid to ask for help​:+1::blush::relaxed:


Free sources are getting harder and harder to find. That’s why most of us here recommend real-debrid.


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