Please Stop saying the Search function is not working in KODI

Sorry I had to create a new post but the Admins seem to be closing all the posts related to this within hours and I couldn’t comment. Just trying to help here. you all are (should be) aware that Trakt is down with a major issue and it is affecting various sections of various addons. I’ve seen way too many posts saying the Search Function is not working and in my experience that simply is NOT the Truth. I use The Crew and 9Lives Addons in a build and since the time Trakt went down I have never lost the ability to search for movies or shows. also most of the Stock Lists such as Most Popular etc.are still working as well


It’s not just you @MarkxG, I haven’t had any search issues either. What I was wondering if it’s only affecting people that were using trakt when this happened because I never use trakt so none of my addons were connected to a trakt account :thinking:


Im aware, which is why its been said in a different topic. I have been closing topics with the same issue as it’s known and the search is not down.