🟥 Please Search Prior To Posting New Topic!

Please help us out with this.

Sorry to keep hounding everyone about this but it needs to be addressed.

We have so much content in this forum that there shouldn’t be very many new topics unless it’s pertaining to news or a link you want to share.

Prior to posting a topic please search for your subject and post your question in the topic most closely related. Your new question within that topic will still show up at the top of the topic list as the topic will be refreshed.

If we can’t get this problem solved we will start instructing members to flag duplicate topics for deletion. As of now, our people are constantly merging newly created topics with existing ones and they shouldn’t need to do that.

We would rather you place your question in an existing topic that may be a bit off from the exact term you are looking for than create a new topic.

Thank you all for your help!


Search Is Your Friend...!


I tend to think the problem is that people can search and not finding something specific to what they want, in all honesty, and not being lazy, post a question.

Take my own question not so long back.
I typed in alternative to data dot, as a query and the site took me to VPN Monitor Dot on Firestick/Android (VPNSafetyDot Alternative)

Which is not really what I want. Instead of posting a question on the forum, I do as i always do, search the net, which then leads me to other links on Troypoint with alternatives.

In reality any of these alternatives, should show all other alternatives as a help to alleviate the problem of questions being asked.

Given I search in the way I do, then come here, rather than just using the site search engine. I tend not to have to post, finding the information I need at the time.

However I would imagine most people that post either do not see the query hidden on the top right of the page, I would suggest changing this to a search dialog box, or making it more prominent, with the minority posting duplicate questions.

Alternatively a landing page with a search box for your topic of interest, prominent in your face :smiley:


I agree! I always try to find a post that could help answer my questions. Many times no matter what I try to search does not show so I need to re ask although I know the question has been posted before. I don’t know what the solution is

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I’m trying to post a new topic on the forum and I am encountering an error saying Ive exceeded my post count and to try later. This has been happening since last night? What am I doing wrong?

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Yes it’s tough to find answers to specific questions . I’m not a big fan of all the topic merging. It’s a whole lot of scrolling thru countless posts and never find what your looking for. I’ll have to try and find answer’s somewhere else as it seems others are doing.


A good amount of questions I see in here can be easily solved beforehand with a search of Troypoint.com. Whether using the search bar or easy to navigate menus, there’s info and guides out the wazoo from Troy that helps even the most seasoned cordcutter.


It takes learning and the desire to understand how to search effectively. It is an art.


I hear ya Miki. I’m an old man with not much time.Ha Ha

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I’m 70. Believe me I get it. But frustration is a waste of time. So I just keep digging.

Well I’m 74 and not frustrated at all. I’ve just got better things to do with my time than search for a bunch of crap online.I guess that’s why it took me so long to respond to your post. Have a Happy Life and Stream On Brother.


With repetition comes learning, and as you learn how to search effectively, the time spent doing so is greatly reduced. I haven’t a clue why anyone would search for crap online, sounds counter productive. For me searching online for solutions is very rewarding, but then I love learning, and my searching is often to aid others, something I enjoy. Have fun and STREAM ON!!!


Google and Youtube are great sources for finding answers.