Playlist on tivimate doesn't show up

Added free playlist and doesn’t show up on the list on the left. I added a pbs m3u to playlist and it shows up under playlists but not under playlists on the left side of tivimate , not sure what to do.

I have the same problem. I added the one from a provider I see the programs but there is no description.


The Best M3U File Playlists for Live Streams on Firestick, Android & More - Posts - TROYPOINT Insider

Make sure to go here and read everything, make sure all spelling is correct. Also please no mention of providers.

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Yes I did that when it was first listed. Problem is some list and some don’t, when I add playlist in tivimate as a m3u it processes to my playlists, but doesn’t show up in the list on the left. Herogo is one, tried to add pbs for Pennsylvania that I got from github, and it doesn’t show either. Yes, I checked my spelling a couple times.

I kinda remember reading that some of these lists, some don’t come with EPG. Someone’s on here like @TP-Dracoo or @Powerfader might know for sure.

When you added the playlist did you get a message that said it was uploaded successfully? And is it an IPTV playlist or VOD? There’s a separate section for VOD.

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By “on the left” you mean when you open the guide and hit the left button to see the channel folders? Did you hit left again to see the different playlists? And hit left yet again to see VOD.

Yes, on guide hit left, …shows playlists with sub-folders. It doesn’t show there.

What is the m3u? Share the link to the page where you found it.

That’s from downloader folder,…downloaded from troy

Here is the link from github.

Worked for me. Update your playlists.


I just typed into downloader. Went into Tivimate, add playlist, m3u playlist, select local playlist, navigated to the downloader file, selected the “us.m3u” file. Clicked next a few times and then refreshed all my playlists.


Why are you adding an individual channel instead of the whole m3u that contains that channel?

Free us works for me also, if you look on the right side of my screenshot, Herogotv is there but not on the left.

I’m confused as hell. What is HEROGOTV and where did you get that from? Is that in the playlists from Troypoint? Is PBS a channel within that playlist? I literally don’t understand what you are trying to add and where it’s coming from.

Yes I understand that,…and us free works for me also,…it’s herogotv and the pbs that I added shows up on the right side screen,…but not the left side.

From powerfader. The pbs is from github