Playback Error IPTV

Investigating pros and cons of IPTV. Testing out a few options. One keeps returning a Playback error, reconnects in 3sec (1\5). Can anyone advise me on what causes this? Looking for a technical explanation. Thanks

Could be a number of things causing this especially if you are you using a Free source. Have you tried rebooting your device? I use Tivimate with a paid service and this happens from time to time and usually a simple reboot of my Android Bix will fix this.

could be several things and most likely provider errors unless you have a bad connection. Ive seen this with more “shabby” providers and currently I have 3 and all are performing well with most if any issues are with vod sections however my providers let me know they are working on issues before I can complain :crazy_face:

Is there a “precise” warning, or just a generic popup? If the former, that’s info I could use to find you a definitive answer.

Its a generic popup. DM sent :+1:


Well this is easy to fix.
Go to Settings> Streamformat and change between MPEGTS and HLS and try it again.

If you have paid service this issue occurs because of a protective shield from internet source (ISP).
Try to change network DNS in your router to 8888/1111 and restart the router.

You can also tackle the issue by changing the VPN connection or changing the internet source (ISP).

Otherwise contact them for more help. :+1:


I made a mistake here, about iptv providers. Nothing was posted publicly, i have fixed everything. I apologize for the inconvenience to the members, as it was pms, private msgs are absolutely okay for anyone to discuss iptv providers, i want to welcome and encourage this as long as its done threw pms, i have resolved the error in the system that flagged it

I personally apologize, topic reopened

Everyone was pmed and i resolved the error. Again my apologies, personal msgs are okay for iptv providers.

And side note, i cant read pms, just words get flagged. I can only see words i flagged. I removed this system so pms are fixed. Thanks for everyones understanding.


Tried your suggestions, no fix! It’s a free resource, so no support contact.
DNS settings are updated to redirect away from ISP provider for better streaming, no joy!


Well thanks for the feedback. My fix for paid s. Anyway you give it a try :+1:

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Hey @KingPro Are you testing paid iptv services (free trials) or free, public ones?

another possibility is hdmi cables. I know it doesnt sound it could be possible since other things work but ive seen this first hand. Often the culprit is something we dismis.

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I’ve been using a pay IPTV service for almost a year and have had good luck with it. However certain channels will occasionally buffer or do the reconnect thing. I think it’s just the nature of the beast. It happens more often when I’m watching my service somewhere with low internet speed (less than 20mps). At home I have 500mps and rarely have any issues.


You can also try switching to different players. Sometimes VLC or MX work better than the native player, but I’ve found the native player usually works best. Also try switching to a different channel and then switching back to the channel you want. I also fairly frequently restart the device which (I think) clears cache from all apps. Recently upgraded my speeds to 300 mbps and it didn’t make a difference for IPTV. I suspect the weakness is in the channel source.

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Yes you can change to any player installed on your device but with VLC player you can do much more than just player.
There are more solutions for this answer “Playback Error IPTV”

But @KingPro want an advise on what causes this? He is looking for a technical explanation.:+1:

Thanks for the replies. Tried a lot of suggestions. Reviewed info online and still can’t find an explanation as to what causes this error. Anyone experience it before? What was the advice you received from service provider? Did you fix it?


Whats the error code?

No code,its a text banner pop up when screen freezes.

looks to be plain old buffering. If you can change buffer size to large.