Paying for iptv

Been trying “free” m3u links from Troypoint on smarters pro app to watch live news channels. With 100+ mbps while using my vpn, I still have trouble with buffering, freezing up, etc. Would I have this problem with an "unverified " paid iptv service? I really only need the news channels…


Paid iptv service is not something we can mention here, see our rules topic.

There is a page on the website that has this info I suggest you take a look There.

I’d also recommend troubleshooting steps to be taken regarding buffering, i have a topic on this.



Sorry…thought I’d gotten to the right spot…I’ll stick to just reading topics



You are just it’s more ment for support for players and free m3u on iptv. We cant discuss unverified iptv providers on the insider.


@Rwc Please we very strongly encourage everybody to engage, comment, ask questions and learn from this site. We don’t want anyone to feel scared or embarrassed to ask. If you don’t ask you don’t learn. What’s that saying ? “ there’s no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid answer “

All we do ask is for everyone follow the rules and guidelines of the forum. This is only in everyone’s best interest so we don’t jeopardize the forum with certain statements that refer to illegal services. Hope you have a great day and amazing holiday season. Merry Christmas

P.s. if you’re ever not sure you’re always welcome to direct message plenty of us to ask if your questions is in the “ grey area” of cord cutting. We’d be glad to help.

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